Why am I suffering emotionally? Truth behind emotional suffering.

Why am I suffering emotionally

Emotional Suffering is Not The Ending -It’s a New Beginning for a Brighter Future

Life always tweaks you, tastes you by making you adaptable to various situations. You stumble upon certain instances that are very difficult to deal with and it takes time to come out from the situation. People we love, we trust betrays us on different occasions. 

Rightly said, “Life is not a bed of roses, but full of thorns”. Agony, illness, breakup, injury, abandonment- all seem to be associated with life one way or the other. It’s like we love each other but can’t be together. So, here we will discuss some of the warning signs which might seem to be dangerous but a prerequisite for healing.

Warning Signs for Emotional Sufferings

  1. During emotional turbulence, people tend to neglect basic household chores. Even they forgot to eat or sleep properly leading to health issues.
  2. In order to avoid such problems, you tend to get reluctant and distract yourself from the worldly pleasures. You intend to keep yourself occupied with different work in order to get rid of such nuances.
  3. There might be mood swings time and again. You are happy at one time and anxious at the other moment. There happens to be irrational thinking and in such a scenario, genuine friends will help you.

Think Before You Act

It seems to be quite difficult to free yourself and talk to other people. You have the perception that no one wants to have a conversation with you, but that is not the case. You might lose your wit and start misbehaving at those around you. You are not in yourself. Don’t do that.

But you should always take into account that those people who love you will support you and care about you. They will be a part of your problem and extend their helping hands to solve it.