Which Plants Are Not Good For Home?

Which Plants Are Not Good For Home?

You might have had at least one person saying this to you in those deep conversations and you may agree with it too that, “There are two types of friends – type A has those who should be kept close, and type B has those who are better kept at a distance, no matter how strong the bond is.” And you may also agree that plants are friends, gifted to us by nature. Well, there is a type B for plants too. And that type B should not enter your indoor spaces, and kept at a distance.

With every single passing day, we are finding ourselves and the people around us jumping in the bandwagon, through one way or another. And the bandwagon for styling indoors with plants has recently become overloaded. However the know-how of what plants to grow inside is limited.

While indoor plants are helpful in keeping the air clean, some plants are toxic for your home garden. Following is a list of plants that you should avoid for keeping in rooms or offices.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera may seem an unexpected addition to the list, since everything ever heard about aloe is all-things-good. This friendly, forgiving plant is not as good of a friend for pets and little kids.

Sago palm

Like aloe Vera, sago palm is a great company to have around. While the plant is great for purifying air, it is toxic for the little lives inside your place (kids and pets), and causes vomiting, diarrhea and ingestion.


The plant of your aesthetic dreams might turn out to be unexpectedly rude to your skin. Bonsai is a great option for nurturing your love for the trees of all sizes but this fellow is unbothered by your allergies and might give a rash too, on coming in contact.

Air plants

If gardening is what you like to do for relaxing then believe us, you should cut the air plants off your list. The joy their beauty gives is choked by the care and time they demand. So, these are not something you want to have in your nursery garden.

Dumb Cane

If you are a cat person, and by that we mean that you are a cat person – then Dumb Cane is not a good choice. The plant in your home garden is highly toxic for cats and may cause severe symptoms like vomiting, oral irritation difficulty in breathing.

Spider Plants

Spider plants are easy-to-care and are a must have for your home garden or outdoor spaces but these are not a friend to anyone with allergies, and might worsen the condition for them.


If you are a beginner or just not as lucky with a green thumb then keeping orchids inside your home should be delayed. Undoubtedly their beauty is irresistible but to provide the care they demand is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Some other such plants are: Jade plant, Pothos, Sunflowers, Daisies, and Palms.