Which Plants Are Good For Bedroom?

Which Plants Are Good For Bedroom?

It is mandatory to keep in check the spaces where we want to feel relaxed or be ourselves and do whatever, whether it is binge watching another twelve episodes, meditating or just anything. Bedrooms do seem fine but they are underrated on the list of things that need your constant effort and care.

You might have observed that when your bedroom is not in a certain condition then you feel restless or other sorts of negative emotions. And every now and then, we feel an urge to tidy up our room, or make small changes to keep it interesting and healthy for your mental health, creativity, relaxation.

When it comes to re-doing your bedroom or making small changes but you also do not wish to spend too much or put in a lot of effort, indoor plants are a great option. Who said those green fellows are meant to provide you company in your home garden and nursery garden, only. We are here with a list of plants that are suitable for bedrooms and some basic gardening tips.

Lavender (Lavandula)

If you are always filled with deadlines or stress from one thing or other, then Lavender can be of great help. The plant is helpful in relieving stress. It is also helpful for those who face problems in having a good night’s sleep. Keep the lavender around windows for bright, indirect light. Do not over-water and enjoy its scent detoxifying your room.


This plant is not only going to be a good looking option for your room but is a great seasoning for all the delicious dishes that you plan on making in future. The plant needs proper sunlight and a generous watering, so keeping it near windows is suggested.


A pretty plant and a pretty helpful plant! Jasmine is a great option as a decorative plant for the bedroom. The plant asks to be kept near window sills, and a regular watering. Jasmine also serves as a great help in reducing levels of stress and anxiety.

Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos is low-maintenance and does not need a lot of care. The plant needs medium to low, indirect sunlight and minimum watering. It is also a great option for decorating in small pots or hanging baskets or pots.

Valerian Valerian is loved for its colors and mild scent. The plant has a soothing effect on the body and is a big help in enjoying a good quality sleep. It is a good option for keeping in the rooms of aged people who are not able to enjoy a deep sleep. The plant needs ample amount of light, so keeping around a window is required.