Which Flowers Bloom The Longest?

Which Flowers bloom The Longest?

We believe that the secret behind happy gardens is happy flowers. Home gardens without flowers also look beautiful but they never feel right. Even the little children never miss to add flowers while drawing gardens. But many people are constantly resistant to growing flowers in their home gardens because of the care they demand and their short life.

Growing flowers is not an extremely exhausting task. There are flowers that need little maintenance for blooming for longer periods of time. And the gardening tips for such flowers are also easily available.

Listed below are some flowers that bloom for long time periods and can be great companions for your home gardens and nursery gardens.


These flowers are widely loved for their variety of colors (pink, white and red.) Hibiscus requires a sufficient amount of sunlight and the watering and temperature is to be taken care of, according to the flowering cycle of the plant. Growing hibiscus in containers is preferable and convenient. The flower is sure to add an exotic touch to your garden, throughout the year.

Profusion Zinnias

Profusion Zinnias are breathtakingly beautiful hybrid flowers, and are disease resistant. These are available in such beautiful colors (Yellow, Pink, White, Purple, Apricot), and will surely remind you of Holi. These flowers need an ample amount of sunlight but keep in mind that they do not prefer over-watering. If you are planning on growing them in your home garden, which you should, then you must plant them after the winters.


Amaranth flowers are very easy to grow. These are used for decorative purposes or as a food crop, so a great pick for your kitchen garden. Amaranth requires a warm environment and a lot of sunlight. These are drought and heat resistant, and do not require a lot of watering – once or twice in a week in warm weather is fine.


The coneflowers never miss to win anyone’s heart. They need bright or indirect lightning, and adequate watering. These plants are not easy to kill, if provided the right environment to blossom. Coneflowers come in different varieties: Yellow Coneflower, Purple Coneflower, Pale-purple Coneflower, Narrow-leaved Coneflower, Tennessee Coneflower.

Stella de Oro Daylily

These flowers bloom for one day and the blooming season lasts for five months. If you wish to compliment your green space with some warm and happy yellow tones, then these daylilies should be in the list. They are a great company to other green plant friends and certainly a praise-worthy pick for decorative purposes. Without a doubt, you have got the key to make your garden look happy, without putting any extra effort from your side. Some other alternatives are: Dianthus, Verbena, Salvia and Phlox.