Which Flowers Bloom All Season?

Which Flowers Bloom All Season?

With each passing day, life around us changes so rapidly that it starts to look dull and monotonous. The same is with our home gardens and nursery gardens. After a certain period of time, it gets boring. Now to change the plain jane state of your garden, flowers can help a big time. We have a list of easy-to-grow flowers that bloom all season, and that can be the life that your garden needed.


Bougainvillea had to be the numero uno on this list. Can anyone ever get tired of admiring these evergreen climbers? We believe, not. These widely loved flowers on walls and in pots are not only a level ten background for your instagram feed pictures, but are great for making your garden more cheerful. Bougainvillea loves sunlight and blooms well with regular watering.


These bloom all summer. Not only do they look good in the garden, they are also a great help in keeping mosquitoes away, and are usually used as a border for home gardens and nursery gardens for the same reason. They are also helpful in keeping away whiteflies, squash bugs and tomato hornworms. Marigolds are easy-to-care plants and require bright, direct sunlight and well-drained soil condition.


Zinnias are pocket-friendly, low maintenance ornamental flowers. These come in a lot of beautiful colors (purple, white, apricot, yellow, pink). Zinnias also need bright, direct sunlight and a well-drained soil to blossom.


Pansies are widely loved and used flowers for ornamental purposes. They bloom in the spring season. Pansies are edible and are great for decorating cakes and other sweets, and garnishing soups. These flowers come in a variety of colors and are a great companion for other fellow plants. Pansies need to be kept in full sun. The watering should be taken care of, as the soil should be moist.


Snapdragon is another good pick for spring garden. These flowers are extremely beautiful and will definitely add spark to your garden. Snapdragon will require bright, direct sunlight and regular watering. The flowers come in different colors (white, pink, purple, yellow, maroon).


Calendulas bloom in the summer season. You can plant them in the preferred color (orange, yellow, white and pastel pink). Planting these is not only going to add beauty to your garden, but will also help you uplift your cooking game, since they are edible flowers. The flowers need bright light, but will also do well in partial shade. It is important to provide Calendulas with sufficient water. By adding the right plants and following proper gardening tips, you can always transform the plain jane green jane place. Some other helpful alternatives are: Petunia, Stock, Primrose, Sweet Alyssum, Geranium, and Dianthus.