Which Are The Small Trees That Can Be Grown In Pots?

Which Are The Small Trees That Can Be Grown In Pots?

The people, who share the love for gardening and enjoying the blessings of nature while sitting in their garden, are sure to share love for trees too. For all the green thumbs out there, who are enjoying their friendly bond with their plants, and for the brown thumbs who are working consistently to maintain a garden – if you have been wishing to grow trees in or around your home garden, nursery garden but one thing or the other obstructs your plans, then you do have a close solution.

Growing small trees in pots or containers is a considerable alternative for growing large trees around your green space. The joy of having a vast spread tree inside your home is indeed incomparable. But we shall not underestimate, whatever the small trees grown in pots and containers may offer. Growing small trees in pots is a fun activity and comes with its own list of instructions.

Just like other indoor and outdoor plants at your place, you will need to provide the small trees with a suitable environment, and care as per the suggested gardening tips. Listed below are some notable options for small trees that can be grown in pots.


It is very easy to grow a lemon tree in a container. Lemon trees will not ask for much care. It will require a well drained soil and regular watering. Do not let the soil dry or it will hamper its growth. Grow it under full sun and enjoy its fruits. You can also grow other citrus trees like Tangerines, Kumquats, Oranges and Limes in containers.

Evergreen Pine

Dwarf evergreen Pine can be grown in a container. It looks beautiful and can be used for decorative purposes in a home garden and at other different spaces inside your home (balcony, terrace). The plant will thrive when kept under full sun and provided with moderate watering. Other varieties of dwarf evergreen conifers (Fir, Juniper, Cypress) can also be grown in pots or containers in the same way.

Edible Fig (Ficus Carica)

Fig looks attractive with its unique shaped leaves and beautiful foliage. The bonus part is the yummy fruits that they bear. In order to successfully grow a Fig tree, you will need to provide it with a good amount of sunlight and water.

Sweet Bay (Laurus Nobilis)

If you have vertical space around the entrance of your home or in the path to access your home garden then planting Sweet Bay will give it all an exotic touch. The Sweet Bay tree will need adequate watering bright light to partial shade. Some other options are: Japanese Maple, Olive, Palo Verde, Witch Hazel, Apple (Malus Domestica).