Which Are the Best Trees To Plant In Full Sunlight?

Which Are the Best Trees To Plant In Full Sunlight?

What is more soulful than sitting under a tree in late afternoon in summers, with a glass of lemonade or your favorite sharbat in your hand? Nothing, right? If you are someone who has always loved this experience but has to go all the way to a public garden for the same, then it is the time for you to change your mind. Because all you need to do is grow an easy-to-care tree in your home and that’s it.

Listed below are tough, heat tolerant trees for growing in your home garden.

Imli (Tamarind)

Imli chutney is loved by everyone, and having an imli tree at your home is a blessing. This low-maintenance tree asks for nothing except a warm sunny spot and a well drained soil.


Karanda is also known as Bengal Currant, Christ’s thorn, carandas plum, and Karonda. It is a berry-sized fruit. It is not only a good option as an ornamental tree for your home garden, but its fruit is loved in pickles, chutney and curries.

Bur Oak Tree

Bur Oak tree will surely make you feel like you are in the lovely green world of Winnie the Pooh. This is a beautiful, shade giving tree to have in your nursery garden.

Mango Tree

Mango is loved so much. Think about mango, and you will instantly find yourself thinking about hundred sweet and savory dishes to make and more than hundred people who will love it. Mango trees love to soak the sun. The basic gardening tip that you need to care about is that the growing mango tree will need adequate watering, but once the tree matures, it becomes drought tolerant.

Carob Tree

Carob tree is a deciduous tree. It is considered a healthy substitute for chocolate. The tree is loved for its beautiful canopy and is also known as Locust Bean, Locust Tree.

Bael Tree

Bael is a healthy option for refreshing drinks in summers. It is also known as ‘stone apple’, ‘wood apple’, ‘Bilwa’. The fruits of this tree are rich in Vitamin C. The tree grows well in hot summers and moderate winters. Soil with stagnant water should be avoided.

Curry leaf tree

Curry leaves are one of the important ingredients of the sambhar and other curries made by our mothers which we love. The tree is easy-to-grow and the leaves also have medicinal properties.

Neem Tree

Neem trees have beautiful foliage and love to stay under the sun. If you love DIYs and organic things at the same time, then you already know that Neem leaves are a perfect pick for you. Some other alternatives include Fig tree, Kei Apple, Guava Tree, Grapes Pomegranate, and many more.