Valentina Sampaio has become Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’s first transgender model


As the very first transgender model to pose in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit issue, Valentina Sampaio has made history. Sampaio, also announced a rookie for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit on Friday, said that she is delighted and proud to be part of the legendary subject in a personal statement.

For the past 56 years, the topic of the Swimsuit Sports Illustrated reflects existing beauty ideals that have evolved over the decades. With the first Black woman to be featured in 1997 by Tyra Banks and Ashley Graham becoming the first professional model to do the same nearly twenty years after since Halima Aden became the first person to display a hijab in 2019, the publication tears down walls in the fashion community and catapults their riders.

Valentina was trans child of a remote village on the northern side of Brazil. The Trans Murder Tracking project confirmed that 130 trans people in Brazil were murdered last year — more than any other country — in a small, modest fisherman ‘s village in Northern Brazil.

The model discussed fear, brutality and scorn transgender individuals in its personal essay and recognized that many have no acceptable atmosphere for families, schools and jobs.

It is also a breakthrough for the Brazilian, 23, who received the same award after signed up for the program of Victoria’s Secret last year.

Sampaio told people “I had been packed with so many positive feelings when I heard the story. “It was a surreal moment. Working at SI Swim has always been a part of my work bucket. At so many ways it’s a fantasy come true. SI was a really important accomplishment.”

By winning this award and the recognition that comes with this award, she believes that this will lead to a greater sense of inclusiveness over time. Sampaio is an advocate for the people of LBTQ+, especially the trans communities.

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