Types of Couple. Which one are you?

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Couple – In every relationship, It is very important to know what type of couple you are.

Sheetal , which type of couple do you and your husband make? When I asked this question to my friend , she gave me a blank look. She said, love has no type. I said true, but couples do have types.

Well are you also like Sheetal who is not aware of the fact that every couple fall into different category. Then this blog is for you. Come dive in with me in this journey of words to find out types of couples and which one do you and your partner fall in?

  1. The wild ones

Physical intimacy and love-making is there top priority. Just a passionate kiss can bring an end to all their fights. Public places don’t bother them and their lovemaking. Long, tiring day !!Sex is still a yes for them.

  1. The career orientated ones

Taking an off from work for dates or movies is never a yes for them. Work deadlines are more important than their anniversary dates. Such couples may not dedicate most of their time for each other, but they definitely have a well-settled future and out stand as a proof of implicit understanding and pragmatics. They respect each other’s profession, time and space.

  1. The carefree ones

Such untroubled, buoyant couples live with no limitations and conditions. Future, number of kids, ‘what-will-other-say’, ‘they-are-looking-at-us’, such things don’t blow their minds. All they care about is for each other and just explore new ways to chill out. Petty problems or future worries do not really hamper their joyous love life.

  1. The too-much-expressive ones

Whenever we see such lovey-dovey couples, we often go like ‘awwww’ and later ‘shit! not again’. As much as they are obsessed with each other, they are equally concerned about showing it in front of others. They make sure; everyone knows they belong to each other. From their fights to their over-possessiveness to their patch-ups, everything is on display.

  1. The confused Couple

These types of couple do not know why they are together. Break – up and patch up are like daily routine for them. They spend major time thinking stuff that they are themselves not clear about. Well!!! Reading this is also so much confusing…phewww…

  1. The Tourist Couple

They live life out of a suitcase. This touristy twosome loves travelling and exploring the world. The chemistry among these couples is high.

  1. The childhood couple

Just like, shown in Indian cinema. These couples are together from their childhood. There understanding can make anyone jealous. They cannot imagine a life without each other.

Well, there are multiple other types of couples and no two couples are same. It varies how one expresses their emotions and how others do. However, as I’ve already mentioned, categorization of your couple only helps in understanding it better and work on the negativity, if they exist.

P.S – Every couple is special in it’s own way. Be glad and take pride in what you have and with whom you have it.

Article Author : Sagrika Mehta