Top 5 Tips Can Helps you Please A Women on Bed

Top 5 Tips Can Helps you Please A Women on Bed

Each and every one of us does have a different taste especially when it comes to sex. But there are a few things that are generally considered to be universal even today. And you might be even surprised to hear that not all women are looking for the body or staying power of a professional movie star. The scenes that you get to see in the online videos are acting, not real life and they actually don’t portray what a real woman actually wants. In fact, there are other important aspects of our life than the pure staying power. And with this thing in mind given below are some of the 5 different ways you can use in order to please women on the bed.

  1. Educating Yourself:

Great Lovers are made and they are not born. This is one thing that is kept again and again. So many of them are expecting sex to be really very effortless, but this is something that works very rarely when it comes to the real world. And just like another skill being good in bed takes a lot of time, practice and education. There are so many topics you will get to learn when it comes to sex. Say for example the STD, STI, pregnancy prevention and the last but not the least sexual technique and communication.

  1. Showing Some Care When It Comes To Pleasure:

This is something that goes without any saying, but let me tell you there are many people even today who don’t care about their partner’s experience at all. Even if you are in just a causal relationship with the women you should still be interested in her pleasure. Remember like you are expecting things from her, in the same way, she wishes to feel good. Ask her what her expectations are and how you can actually make the evening enjoyable for her. Spend more time by just focussing on her body, and tell how much it turns you on when she moans.

  1. Remember she is different:

Learning about sex is important and in the same way it is also important to realize and understand that different things work for different women. What one may like may not be liked by the other. And whenever you are with someone who is really new to you, it is important that you try and understand her first and then understand what she likes or dislikes. When you are planning to get intimate with her do ask her what she likes and what she does not. In fact, you can even ask her questions like if this is a good stroke or not. Do get her feedback before and after having sex. Also, try and pay attention to how she has been responding especially when it comes to her breathing.

  1. Don’t expect her to do things in the way you do:

I am sure that most of us must have come across men who expect us to things in the way they do. Especially when it comes to sexuality. Say for example you might be wondering why it takes so long to turn on a woman, while you are ready for sex at the drop of the hat. Our society to this accepts male sexuality as a default thing and continues to treat women as the default thing if they don’t respond in the way men do.

  1. Do not pressure her for the orgasm:

I know it’s a great feeling to make the women want her orgasm but do make sure that you don’t make her feel that she need to orgasm. Most women turn out to be really very sensitive for being pressured in the bedroom, and orgasm is really very impossible when things turn out to be an expectation. Her pleasure is something that should be the most important for you just because you want her to feel good and not because you wish to boost out your ego.

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