Top 10 Winter Season Plants

Top 10 Winter Season Plants

Flowers are colourful, full of fragrance and reflect the joy of life. The most common as well as a popular type of home gardens in India is nothing but the annuals. Annuals are the ones that are raised from the seeds and get timely grown and exhausted themselves during a particular season.

When it comes to the planting of plants in your flower garden, then winter seems to be the best season. In India, winter is the most preferred season for opting for beautiful blooming annuals.

Let us have a look at some of the best winter season plants.

Pansies And Violas

These are the best winter season flowers which you can grow in your nursery garden. They are mostly suited for mild climates and some types can require rebounding in the spring season. They are basically annuals with a variety of drop seeds so that they can bloom back in the spring.


Also recognised as Galanthus, these plants need to be planted in your flower garden in early spring, These are beautiful droopy headed flowers that can look best at the front of your nursery garden.

Winter Jasmine

These are beautiful medium-sized shrub you can grow in your plant garden. They have long, arching branches and comes in different bright yellow colours. It don’t carry fragrance but can add beauty to a dull wintry atmosphere.


These are beautiful and gorgeous perennials, also recognised as Lenten roses. You can grow them in your plant garden in winters. They are delicate in appearance and are low on maintenance.


These are a beautiful showy plant which tends to bloom in mid to late winter. Hundreds of bell-like flowers can be seen dangling in your flower garden.


This shrub is a deciduous type meaning, it sheds its leaves in winter. They are gorgeous to be planted in your nursery garden. Make sure you also tend to buy the “male” pollinator to produce berries.

Winter Aconite

These winter flowers are lesser-known bulbs having buttercup yellow blooms. Have them in your flower garden to lit up your dull wintry ambience.


They are often sold as a houseplant but only in mild climates. Cyclamens are the best winter plants for your nursery garden in the shades of white, lavender, pink along with a cheerful ground cover.

Witch Hazel

This shrub is a wispy looking flower generally grown in February or March. Their beautiful appearance makes them a fun addition to anyone’s flower garden. They come in different types and a variety of colours.

English Primrose

These are everyone’s favourite and can be a beautiful addition to your flower garden. They are early perennials to bloom in the late winter and continue up to early spring depending on where you tend to live. With several types of this flower, you are free to plant them in your plant garden.