There is no denying of the fact that plants can transform your workspace. Even though people are mostly interested in having a nursery garden with their favourite plants, yet plants at work can be awesome too.

What if you feel like decorating your new desk into a more peaceful and engaging place? It is not always about having the best plants for your desk.

Avoid transforming your desk into a cemetery with sad plants. Choose something which has air cleaning, and mood-boosting varieties. This not only can lift your mood but can also replenish the entire environment.

Devil’s Ivy

Also recognised as Pothus, it is a kind of evergreen vine. The leaves are heart-shaped and large with a variety of colours. Well adaptable to every kind of environment and can be nurtured from low light levels to the brighter ones.


Popularly known as aglos or the Chinese evergreens, these plants can develop deep, dark green leaves. With a tinge of silver or red, it is a plant that symbolizes long life.

Ficus Benjamina

Also known as the weeping fig, ficus Benjamina is a plant which looks attractive as a part of a mixed display. They grow in the wild tropical forests of Africa.

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia

Popularly known as the ZZ plant, their fat stalks can store a huge amount of water. This means you don’t have to water it all day long. This plant makes it perfect for a desk decorative plant since the winters can be dark.


Perfect for the reception area at your office. These plants unlike some of the plants in your nursery garden require low maintenance. They take time to bloom, they require very little care with occasional watering.


They are the mainstay as the popular indoor plants since their inception in the 1800s in South America. These plants require low temperature and humidity at around 65-68 degree Fahrenheit. Ideal for office uses and can be used as a part of office decoration.

Peace Lily

Peace Lilies are wide deep green leaves and are beautifully grown white flowers. Helps in purifying the air and is the best to remove toxins creating a healthy environment.


These can be a great choice when it comes to eliminating pollutants. Popularly known as Dracaena Marginata, these plants can survive drought-like situations as well.


Also called a snake plant these plants can be the best for an office desk. They offer the much needed visual stimulus to people at their workspace. It can last up to a month without water and can be exposed to the sun for long periods.


When everything goes haywire, there is the trusty cactus. Locate them anywhere at your office desk. Commonly found in dry and harsh deserts, these are the plants that can actually thrive on neglect. Can contain a huge amount of water enabling them to withstand harsh climate.