Top 10 Lucky Plants

Top 10 Lucky Plants

The selection of plants in your flower garden depends on the aesthetic outlook of those plants. Of course, there will always be an issue with the maintenance and size but one would definitely not want plants to wither away just like that.

Feng Shui is one form of art that believes in keeping plants which brings luck. This article will guide you towards maintaining ecological balance and at the same time bringing luck to the home.


Recognised as the lucky indoor plants which are great in creating dividers because of their size. They have a natural appeal with a tropical feel. Capable of providing good energy, palms reflect the missing Feng Shui element in your room.

Pachira Money Tree

We all are familiar with the fact that “Money Plant brings Luck.” However, the pachira money plant is the one commonly used in Feng Shui which is believed to bring luck and wealth.

Lucky Bamboo

It is one of those plants that brings luck and wealth. In the Asian culture, bamboo plants symbolise fortune. They signify fortune, power, honour and luck.

Potted Orchids

Potted Orchids are the best plants to grow in your nursery garden. They are known to have the magical power of being an angel that brings luck and wealth. Place them in your surroundings and see how it changes your life.

Jade Plant

Recognised as the ones which open the door to prosperity and success. This is the best gift you can grow in your flower garden or present to someone who owns a business. It attracts wealth and luck to all who deserve it.

Rubber Plant

These are the ones that have a flexible placing option which means you can place them either at your home or in the office. They are typical rounded shaped leaves that have a mention in the Feng Shui.

Tulsi Plant

There is not much discussed and said about this plant but this plant deserves a special place. In Asian countries, everyone is aware of the holiness of this plant. They not only bring luck but also act as ayurvedic medicine.


A popular indoor plant that descends from the family Araceae which is native to South Asia. It acts as an air purifier plant and also is considered as one of the plants that bring luck and good fortune.

Fishtail Fern

Scientifically known by the name of Nephrolepis falcata furcans, it is a plant which brings luck and fortune. This plant can grow to bring even in indoor conditions.

Lemon Balm

It is one of those perennial aromatic plants coming from the mint family of Lamiaceae. They have a sweet smell which is an effective agent of air-purifying quality. These plants are believed to bring luck, wealth and good fortune.

These are some of the plants both indoor and outdoor you can plan to grow in your flower garden to bring luck, good fortune and prosperity.