Top 10 Low Maintenance Plants to grow at home

Top 10 Low Maintenance Plants to grow at home garden
It is a well-known fact that plants do require utmost care and nurturing for blooming their best. However, this is not true for some of the plants which are low in maintaining their highest bloom.

These plants are best when it comes to bringing positivity around. In case you are packed with your busy schedule, these plants won’t take much of your time and are best as they are adjustable to changing weather conditions.

Who doesn’t like to have beautiful flowers in the nursery garden? Plants are best in rejuvenating the atmosphere with a fresh tinge of air. They are the best to decorate your flower garden as it requires no rocket science. Below are some of the plants which are popularly known as low maintenance plants.

Spider Plant

These plants can be placed like hanging upside down. The busy plant will decorate your home like anything. They purify the air from xylene, carbon monoxide and formaldehyde.

Peace Lily

These shiny plants are the best in rejuvenating your nursery garden. It is one of the best plants which act as an air purifier. With the presence of these plants, all the harmful pollutants can be put on the bay.

Snake Plant

Also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, these plants are low maintenance indoor plants. Helps to remove the toxins like benzene and xylene from the air. These can set your mood along with the environment.

Aloe Vera

One of the easiest and low maintenance indoor plants with multiple benefits. The gel extracted from this can help in healing burns and wounds. They can be grown in your flower garden without any complexities.

Money Plant

It is the most popular indoor plant also known as devil’s ivy. Can be grown on water or soil that requires minimal care. Low light and water is their favourite ingredient.

Grape Ivy

In case you want to change the personality of your nursery garden, these plants are there for you. However, it is best to keep them inside as they like low sunlight and dry air. They look beautiful and also help in purifying the atmosphere.

Areca Palm

These plants are best to keep near the west-facing window as they are not sunlight friendly. This is one of those indoor plants also called butterfly palms. It has the highest transpiration rates among other plants to grow in the summer season.


It is one of the most beautiful flowers that can win hearts. Among all the leafy greens indoor, they are the best ones that require low sunlight and water.

Calathea Peacock

These beautiful flowers in your flower garden can add charm to your living room. This plant can radiate your surrounding which requires a low light condition to grow.

Lucky Bamboo

These plants can be grown in soil and water both. In case you are growing them in water, a change of water every 2 weeks seems mandatory. These plants are believed to bring good luck and prosperity.