Top 10 Fruit Plants to grow at home garden

Top 10 Fruit Plants to grow at home garden

For growing fruit plants in your nursery garden, you don’t need an orchard. Strawberries, rhubarb, figs and apples all tend to thrive in the British garden. In case if the space is limited, try growing fruit in the containers.

In fact, you can go for growing strawberries in the hanging baskets too. Wouldn’t you like to grab juicy peach or a handful of strawberries from your own little plant garden?

There are several fruits which you can grow in your nursery garden. But before you indulge into planting those, this article will guide you which all fruit plants you should go for.


These are easy to grow fruit plants in your plant garden. They are attractive three-season shrubs that come in the colour of white spring flowers. Growing them requires advance work like ensuring soil acidity. In case of cold winter climates, it is better to grow highbush blueberries like the “Bluecrop” cultivar.


Freshly picked strawberries require minimal effort. They like to spread through runners. However, in case of best fruit production, you need to limit the runners to a few plants and prune the rest. These are one of the best fruit plants to be grown in your nursery garden.


These have always been the favourites for most of the garden lovers. However, the older varieties can be bit rambunctious plants, spreading widely, covered with thorns. These plants do require a bit of pruning for keeping them productive. They are pale to dark red in colour and can be easily grown in your plant garden.


Even though grapevines are not that hard to grow, you will face competition in case of harvesting time from birds and other animals. Grapes also need some type of trellis or support for growing on. It is recommended to check with the local extension office for learning the best grape varieties for your area.


Several gardeners feel like growing apples, but they can be challenging to grow because apple trees are prone to insects. They need a great deal of pruning. It is important for focusing on thinning branches for increasing the amount of airflow and sunlight.


Who doesn’t want to have cherries in their nursery garden? These are one of the easiest fruit trees to go for. They require minimal effort and are rarely plagued by diseases or pests. These cherries need two trees for cross-pollination. Also, they are not drought tolerant. Therefore, watering or rainfall is necessary during hot weather.


Peach trees are small enough to fit into your plant garden. When the peaches will start ripening, you can smell their sweetness several miles away. Besides, you shall enjoy the fresh produce straight from your nursery garden.


These are surprisingly easy to grow fruit plants even in the ground or in the containers. These plants don’t require much pruning and are pest-free. In case you tend to grow them in a container, try to move it indoors for the winter.


In case you are not ready for growing a tree or shrub, you can go for growing delicious melons in your plant garden. They require sufficient space as they usually grow on vines and can reach easily up to 20 feet or more.

Gooseberries These require low maintenance and are the most popular juicy and succulent fruit. They require fertile soil and can be placed in semi-shade. Perfect for any nursery garden and are versatile enough to be harvested.