Top 10 Cactus And Succulents

Top 10 Cactus And Succulents

With a variety of colours, sizes, and forms, cactus and succulents are the favourites for most of the plant lovers. Everyone wants to have them in their flower garden.

Succulents plants are easy to grow exotic plants at home. They come in unusual shapes, rich textures and showy blooms which make a dramatic setting in the nursery garden.

The best thing is that they are not a unique floral family and have diverse members of different plant groups. The thing they have in common is their water-retaining capacity.

The cactus seems one of its kind which is probably familiar. You don’t need to worry about the USDA Hardiness Zone. Whether you tend to grow them in your nursery garden or pots, there is something for everyone to explore. Below are some of the amazing cactus and succulents you can grow in your plant garden.


These succulents are capable of bearing showy rosettes. The stems become woody and some of its species may exceed three feet in height. It grows mostly in the outdoors year-round in zones 9 to 11. Flowers tend to appear from late winter to spring and blooms in white or yellow. Showy specimens like this, add colour and texture to a collection of garden groupings.


They are evergreen medicinal aloe which grows all the year in zones 10 to 12. It can reach a height of up to two feet. They prefer well-drained and sandy soil. Similar to most succulents, this can reap benefits from water in case it dries out during the blooming period.


The crassula plant is a shiny dark green-leaved jade plantation. It is a well known recognised houseplant that can be grown in your flower garden. This genus comes with a red-tinged silver jade plant with matte-finished. It is one of the plants that prefer full sunlight.


The echeveria genus comes in different varieties. It is fundamentally a part of the stonecrop family. These species exhibit a classic shape rosette with amazing leaf attributes. They prefer full sunlight with well-drained soil. Here, the application of fertilizer is not necessary.


It is a genus of rosettes growing as perennials in zones 7 to 11. They are the members of the Crassulaceae family, preferably, the ghost plant G.paraguayense. The leaves are faintly pink with a grey-green hue.


It is one of the best succulents to be grown in your flower garden. It is mostly a fleshy rosette, elongated plant that resembles aloe. Comes with wart-like bands of white on dark evergreen leaves, their stripes appeared that of a zebra plant.

Lithops And Pleospilos Nelia

These plants are often called as a living stone and the most succulent. They are basically stone-like succulents hailing from the Aizoaceae family. Best to grow in your nursery garden with low maintenance. It has a bit of neck or stem is set quite deeply as Lithops in the ground.


Commonly recognised as Moss Rose, it is a plant that requires sunlight. Best to have them in your nursery garden and can tolerate even the driest of soils. They expect a lot of bright for blooming into single or double rows of petals.


It is one of the expansive succulent varieties belonging to the Crassulaceae family. Often recognised as stonecrop, they are evergreen perennials that can grow up to two feet tall.