Top 10 Aromatic Fragrant Plants
Top 10 Aromatic Fragrant Plants

There are various things to keep in mind when it comes to planning your flower garden. Questions like what types of flowers or plants to grow, how to go about it, and many more.

Also, are you among those who love to grow perennial plants and flowers? However, a nursery garden is not just sight but something that can probably attract hummingbirds, also butterflies. Besides along with texture and colour, fragrance adds an extra layer to the soothing environment.

Below are some of the most amazing flowers with fragrance that can lighten and brighten up your mood.


It is the most perennial plant when it comes to adding up beautiful colours to your nursery garden. They are the fragrant plants which bloom in the spring and require support to avoid flopping.


Nothing is more amazing than these fragrant flowers. They usually bloom in summer and spring. Make sure you plant them in well-draining and rich soil areas in full spots.


These are late spring to early summer plants. They require resistant and well-draining soil that can be thrived in zones 6-11. These are one of the most fragrant flowers to be planted in the flower garden.


Make a statement by growing these fragrant flowers that come in the shade of purple and blue. These plants like to grow in the shade while the fragrance remains the same.


These are popularly recognised as tubular flowers that come in a variety of shades like red, orange, yellow, blue. They are known for their sweet scent they add to the environment.

Sweet Alyssum

These delicate plants are beckon to pollinators. They are lovely looking cascading plants to decorate your flower garden. Comes with profuse white colours, a delight to watch.

Honey Suckle

They are the vigorous perennial vine that pollinators love. These plants are not as invasive as Japanese honeysuckle and prefer broad daylight. They bloom from mid-spring till late summer.


There is no nice saying that every flower garden deserves a rose. They are everyone’s favourite as their smell feels divine. Blooms best in the broad daylight.


Comes in different shades of white, pink, purple, red, and salmon colours. They help in air circulation and prefer full sunlight. These plants can tolerate some shade in case of hotter climates.

These are some of the plants you should grow in your plant garden in case you love the fragrance.