It is that time of the year when all the garden lovers are starting to explore different gardening ideas. These plants are the backyard ideas that won’t cost a lot.

You know you want flowers for your plant garden, but aren’t sure what kind. Before planting you need to know which ones to go for- perennials or the annuals.

Most of the gardeners opt for perennials that last for years. However, just because of that only, you cannot rule out the annuals. They are best suitable for container gardens and can be mixed with perennials for a little thriller.

Also, annuals allow you to explore the new batch of annuals every season. As they are quite inexpensive, that makes them more fun with new varieties so that they flourish with petals during summer, spring or fall.

Below is the list of best annual plants you can for planting in your nursery garden.


These are one of the most popular and drought tolerant annual flowers you can plant in your flower garden. They are perfect for gardeners who are capable of making their nursery garden full of beautiful flowers. Even at the sunniest days, these beauties don’t fade and they continue to flourish throughout without fail.


Popularly known as dainty flowers, these flowers are quite capable of blooming well in your flower garden. They require low maintenance and no pruning is required. You can move them indoors or dig them into tubes.


These are beautiful annual flowers to have in your nursery garden. It comes in a variety of shapes(fans, brains and plumes). You can have them in a range of colours for accentuating the beauty of your nursery garden.

Plus, the uniqueness of these flowers is that they can grow really fast with low-cost maintenance.


In case you are looking for some fresh blooms to fall into the beautiful landscape of your plant garden, then chrysanthemum(mums) are the best choice. You can pick the seeds from the local nursery and place them in your nursery garden, starting in the spring.


These are annual, feminine flowers that can grow taller, the more you cut them. You can have plenty of petals in a variety of shades like white, pink or purple in your flower garden all summer long.


These stunning flowers have a nostalgic place in every gardener’s heart. From honeycomb-like shapes to the variety of colour options, they are the best annual plants to have in your plant garden.


Dress up your flower garden or in the front yard with these perky annual flowers. Once grown or potted, they can flourish for months. They can be grown in full sunlight or partial shade.


These are one of the best annual flowers that have soft and delicate petals. Ideal for darker regions of your plant garden. They aren’t suitable for indoor space. Plant them in a shady spot, and you can expect them blooming beautifully.


These are a blue and purple petaled plant which require no extra maintenance. You can grow them in your plant garden and are mostly preferred for colder climates.


Marigolds are the fastest growing plant that can be grown in your nursery garden. Comes in vibrant yellow and orange flowers that are the best annual flowers you can expect at least close to 15 plus flowers per plant.