Tips on how to forgive someone. One of the best relationship tips. how to forgive someone

Sometimes people’s actions are unexpected and the outcome too. We get impacted due to others and then waste a substantial time of our life thinking about it keeping the grievances in our mind for a long time. Is this the right way to deal with it? No..

The right approach to let go of this grief is to forgive. Until we forgive, we get affected by what all happened and it becomes difficult to move on. No matter what happened in past, forgiving will induce a sense of relaxation. It is important to forgive, for your own peace and comfort of mind.

  • What does forgiving mean?

When you forgive someone, that doesn’t mean you forget how you got wronged. It doesn’t mean that you accept the person back like before. It simply means to accept what happened, clear all the grievances from your mind and don’t let the situation/person impact you anymore.

Actions can’t be undone nor they can be forgotten easily. So, the wisest thing to be done is to accept it and live with it, unaffected.

Keeping hatred for someone will only bring negativity in your mind, this is what needs to be prevented. Forgiveness is the key to not allow the particular situation/person occupy any (negative) space in your mind or life.

  • How to forgive someone?

We know, forgiving is better-said-than-done, but it’s not that difficult too. You should not let the negativity mud your present moments. To move ahead, history needs to be sorted and forgiving is one important step here. Sounds like a challenge? Well, not impossible at least. Read further to see how you can forgive and why you should:

  1. Accept it happened

Whatever wrong happened with you, first accept it. The way it took place and the impact it had on you and how it changed your life. Rather than running away from it face the circumstances. Acknowledge the unfortunate reality, and take the charge of it. You should win over the situation and not let it overtake you.

  1. Understand what good it brought

Whatever happens, happens for good. It could have made you stronger or gave you a better sense of judgment or showed you the reality of people, it could be anything. You need to find the good thing hidden behind the painful situation you’re facing. Once you realise it, you’ll be glad it happened and the distress will be a lot lesser.

  1. Decide to forgive

Revisit to the definition of forgiveness and commit yourself to get free of all those grievances you’ve been experiencing. Decide to forgive them who mistreated you. Decide to not let anybody or anything affect you howsoever. The person/situation should not hold any space in your mind, not even for hatred.

  1. Communicate your thoughts

He/she did something and that did hurt you. But think, was that intentional? Is this exactly how you see it and there’s nothing left unheard between the two. If yes, then talk to them and spill out your thoughts. Speak your heart out for whatever has been troubling you.

  1. Eliminate it all

After all such analysis, eliminate all the undesired thoughts and people too. This would relieve you from all the distress that has been troubling you and help you move on. That’s exactly why you should forgive, to purify your mind with all the things that have been troubling you all this while. It may be hard at that moment but once it’s done, it will be a relief.

To sum it up, forgiving simply means to free yourself from the impact that situation was making on you. You may take time to forget it but at least it won’t cause any more harm. It is all about keeping yourself happy and distant from any distracting thoughts. Not forgiving is making room for grievances in your mind.