The right time to take Maternity Photographs. Maternity Photography tips.

The right time to take Maternity Photographs.

The day you feel giddy first time in the morning, a sense of sick feeling, weakness, vertigo and then you know “yes I missed my chums” and there you go! Once you confirm the pregnancy with pregnancy strip the excitement just doubles up at the same time hundreds of thoughts running in your mind regarding which gynecologist? Which hospital? Will all be fine? Will I be able to manage? Will the child be fine? And so many others. Once these feelings set in you start thinking on how to make this maternity journey the most pleasant and memorable phase of life. And there comes the idea of a Pregnancy photo shoot.

Yes, the excitement builds right from your first confirmatory test but Impressions Live suggest you two major ways to get your maternity photo shoot album done.

Monthly Click

  1. Get your monthly picture taken at the same date.

  2. It can be a barebelly or bikini picture as well if you dare to.

  3. Use props to showcase your increasing size like inch tape, weighing scale, tops getting shorter, baby shoes etc.

  4. You can also showcase your cravings in each month or trimester.

  5. Monthly picture can also be clubbed with the sonography image

  6. Last but not the least complete the schedule 1month post-delivery- joy overloaded.

 31- 36 WEEK – Good time for an outdoor professional session.

  1. Wait until you are big but not too big. As the body’s natural center of gravity shifts and posing, positioning can become a tiring game. Your belly should be big and beautiful but should not interfere with your comfort level.

  2. Around 31 weak is the right time as the belly gets round, but also it’s not too heavy yet.

  3. But Impressions Live do believe that, each pregnancy and baby belly is different so personal stamina is the best guide and choice.


So as you grow in size, weeks and time and start counting the days to hold your bundle of joy in your arms do find out the perfect time and schedule to click some beautiful pictures of your maternity by an expert in the pregnancy photoshoots, so that this phase of your life is carved in your life’s forever and also for the future generation to see and visualize the bond you shared before its birth.