The Neighbors’ Window – Oscar Winning Short Film Review

The Neighbors' Window - Oscar Winning Short Film

The Neighbours’ Window- A Well Built Allegory

The Neighbours’ Window depicts the story of a middle-aged woman whose life along with her small kids is threatened by two free spirits roaming across the streets. This movie stars Maria Dizzia is cleaning up the mess when her husband Jacob, original name Greg Keller made the entry and told her that the children are put to bed. When they sat on the kitchen table, they discovered a younger couple in the apartment of the next building. The younger couple just stepped in a few days back.

Twenty Minute Thriller Portraying Day to Day Struggle

This twenty-minute thriller shows how their life is affected by the doldrums of the neighbours. Ali works hard to maintain coherence in daily life. They watched those couple ding parties, making love, and was also supportive. 

Naturally, they tend to compare their own life with the vivacious lie of those two people in the next building. The Marshall Curry Productions is a shear success with this twenty-minute thriller and the character development which was shown is unimaginable. 

A Whole New Story of Self Actualization

At the end of this thriller, Curry showed how Jacob and Ali are living as a good couple in spite of having two children. This story is a whole new idea about self-development and cognitive thinking. 

It’s about appreciating what you possess and don’t mix it up with the lifestyle of your neighbors. So, those who are yet to watch this short cameo, go and watch this.