Teach your child to the reality of life and keep them away from the fairy tales

bedtime stories for children

We all have got an amazing list of fairy tales from our childhood. Tales that includes Cinderella, Rapunzel, Little Mermaid, Rumpelstiltskin, and many other Panchatantra stories. We all have listened these stories from our parents and grandparents as our bedtime stories. These bedtime stories had a lot of influence on our little mind. They affect our mind to a level that we began to fantasize about them. We began to imagine them and lost in these stories far from the reality. Especially, a girl child who grows up listening to fairytales often believes till her adulthood that someday a prince charming on a white horse will come and becomes her life partner. And, for a boy, he believes himself to be a prince charming with a sword in his little hands.

However, the reality is completely opposite. Unlike the fairy tales, in reality, the truth is either good or worst in some cases. Many children are often bullied and abused in their childhood. They have already seen the worst in their life. Then, why didn’t any fairy come in their life and relieved them from their bad luck. Because there is no such thing like fairies. You have often remembered about the Tooth fairy from your grandparents that when your first tooth breaks, just keeps it under pillow with your wish list and then the Tooth fairy will come and takes yours broken tooth and grants yours wishes. But, what’s the truth in this case? Could the fairy really come and grants your wish? The answer is NO. In actuality, your wishes are completed by your parents. This is the truth.

However, fairy tales are not that bad either. Actually, they help a kid’s mind to grow. It helps in their moral foundation. They learn to differentiate between what is wrong and what is right. This creates a sense of justice in their mind which further build up their character. However, we, as parents, still has to play an important role in building up their character. Along with these fairytales, we have to make them read about the real-life stories and novels. Novels like The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank, or The Story of my Life by Helen Keller, contains the real-life efforts and struggles of the respective authors.

Stories do have a great impact on the little minds of our children. However, we need to make them understand that not all stories must have a happy ending. And, those with happy endings might have a terrible plot.