Sooryavanshi Trailer – Star-Studded Appearance Is Keeping the Guns Blazing In The Rohit Shetty’s Thriller

With the release of the Sooryavanshi trailer, the stage is all set and the action clip is appreciated by most of the fans. But as usual, the meme makers are busy taking out some fun-filled hilarious content and posting them on social media. The movie is all about the ATs professional who is on a mission to save his family and cleaning the city of Mumbai from the ill-effect of terrorism.  There are certain scenes that show the religious biases about Muslims and certain subtle messaging adding some flavour into this commercial thriller.

Trailer Showcasing the Bollywood Stars in Action

Sooryavanshi trailer has kicked the stage with the release of its trailer under the directorial ship of Rohit Shotty. It will steal the show of Shetty’s cop film universe covering Ajay Devgan’s movie Singham and Simba of Ranveer Singh. Sooryavanshi also displayed the eponymous character featured by Akshay Kumar. They also performed together in stage shows such as De Dana Dan, Welcome, Namaste London, and many more. 

Serious Action and Fun-filled Gestures in the “Cop Universe” Thriller

Rohit Shetty along with Katrina Kaif as the female lead and special appearances of Ajay Devgn and Ranveer Singh has made a roller coaster ride. The movie revolves around the newly hired cop and the entire story is based on the life of an ATS officer who made sacrifices to safeguard Mumbai from the attack of terrorists. 

The trailer depicts the anarchy among the police squad. Sooryavanshi has created pandemonium as it starts with the lead and the small family. It is an intense thriller where  Katrina is seen as the wife of the cop. There is a situation in the movie where you will find how wives get into trouble without any hesitation and sacrifice their lives for husbands. 

Taking a Detour From the Initial Core

The trailer takes you deep down into the signature background and Simmba song by Ranveer Singh makes a stable entry. With his own effort, he brings the trailer to live through jokes and setting the entire mood. Like always, Ajay Devgn the Singham hero is the savior and the teasing remarks among the three ATS officers are hilarious content of the movie.

The trailer is full of serious fun and the entire storyline will keep you in the play till the end. But those who will leave the show meanwhile will miss the ultimate action. The dialogues are not that much hard-hitting but the movie carries a huge slogan on how Muslims are judged in our country.

All Show, No Go!!

Now, you have seen the trailer, it’s time to pull up your shocks and book the ticket for the first-day first show. No wonder if you are thinking that it will be a waste of time, then you will miss the ultimate fun. 

Don’t think too much, just book the tickets and watch the awesome trio rocking the stage. And those who have not watched the trailer, please have a look. You have not seen such a serious fun and informative thriller for the past decade.

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