Romance – Soulful Intimacy or Temporary Physical Activity

Romance - Soulful Intimacy or Temporary Physical Activity
Romance - Soulful-Intimacy-or-Temporary-Physical-Activity

Make Soulful Intimacy, Don’t Fall For Temporary Physical Activity.

True intimacy is something that out passes the physical attraction you bear with your loved ones. Connection means intimate bonding with someone with whom you are free to share everything. There are many men and women out there who want only physical attraction. According to them, one night stand has more priority than the bonding of the soul. These are easily available if you are looking for some casual act.

But the mere act of physical relationship is not something fruitful in the long run. You should take care of your soul and mind. Well, that should be our first priority. 

Best Friend Can be a Lover 

With your best friend, you can spend the majority of your time doing your creepy activities and sharing your feelings-be it loves, emotional, hatred, fun-filled. It doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that you are happy with your best friend with whom you are doing the craziest things. You can fight, argue, and even play during your hours.

You need someone who will support you in your troubled times and pull you up from difficult situations. That person can kiss you, wake you up with a cup of coffee, her messy hair can bring joy and happiness for you, his/her cuddling and morning breakfast can energize you. Maybe you like to enjoy a glass of wine or go out for an outing with your best friend. These are bonding-a true intimacy that can be restored for the future and creates a strong relationship

True Love Brings Happiness and Harmony

A lover can be your best friend. He/she can bring happiness and peace in your life through love and attachment. Funny texts, a curtail smile can make your whole day. So honest and true love is what you can cherish and celebrate throughout your life. You can cry, laugh, behave weird while cracking silly jokes-but that will be everlasting.