Role of a housewife is not what you think.

Role of a housewife is not what you think.

From the past times, women are considered and believed to stay at home doing household chores and looking after the children. They are prepared from small age, how to do household chores, how to look after children, how to cook and other related duties. They are prepared to how to become a proper HOUSEWIFE.

Now that, we are living in a modern 21st century world. There is nothing in this world which a woman cannot do.  From office to politics, every single profession is adopted by a woman. It is not wrong to say that they are ‘top of the cream’ in every work and that they are better than any other men outside. However, they are in more pressure than the women who are a perfect housewife. They had to manage their personal and professional life well in order to make their life go on.

So, how to perform this role of a perfect housewife in this modern era? Firstly, being a housewife is not a role to play, it is a job, a 24 hours non-stop job. To comply with this job, the first thing you got is a perfect marriage.

Marriage, it is a life time pact between you and your partner. This word not only connects you and your partner but also your families. To marry a person who understands you, cares for you and loves you and most important, respects you. He respects your decisions. He supports you in your every move. Also, he will support you either being a housewife or being a working woman.

Next in line is your lifestyle. What is more important in life with being only a housewife? Being a housewife, you need to understand that you don’t get appreciated every time. However, one of your killing moves in this job is your ‘smile’. Maybe, when you do the house chores perfectly, no one sees it or when you cook super tasty food, no one praises it. You don’t need to feel guilty for all. Instead, double check your performances and do your best in everything, and with a bright smile, embrace the moment you spend with your partner and your family. Relationships too play a very important role in your life. Your relationship with your partner, children, parents and in-laws should always be great. Parenting requires quite a lot of effort. No matter what, they all need love and care from you. Also, don’t forget to love yourself first. Tone yourself and your body first. Only then you can care for others.