Robots! Microsoft Fires It’s Journalists and Replaces Them with AI

Robots! Microsoft Fires It’s Journalists and Replaces Them with AI

Numerous of journalists were sacked after Microsoft chose to replace them with artificial intelligence. Workers who manage news WebPages on Microsoft’s MSN website and its Edge browser – used among millions of Britons every day – were told that they’re no longer needed because computers will now do their work.

Those full-time news producers operating at MSN, whose responsibilities are similar to that of the contractors, will stay with the organization, according to the Times. Workers were advised that Microsoft’s decision to terminate the deal with PA Media was made shortly as part of a massive move away from humans in favor of Digital News Blog alerts.

“What Microsoft is doing doesn’t seem that different from what Google News is doing,” said Dan Kennedy, professor at the School of Journalism at Northeastern University in Boston.

There have been attempts to use AI to assume some journalism functions for several years, but until now Kennedy noticed they were not so successful.

The Microsoft team has not posted original reports, but it also exerted editorial influence, picked articles from other news outlets, including the BBC, and, where possible, published material and headlines that suit the theme. The articles were then featured on the website of Microsoft, which the tech company shares with the original publishers.

One innovative method was to include stringers in a scheme to write an account of the event logs on local sports activities.

What Happens To Journalism Now?

Several of the journalists now facing layoffs have long-standing experience in the Business Promotions, whilst some saw the market wave after wave of layoffs promising a foot at the door and a career. We have a daunting struggle now because the whole sector tries to reduce their prices, bringing jobs elsewhere. The verdict of Microsoft to facilitate the curation of its news sites is expected to have an impact on other teams around the world.

From the point of view of journalists, automatic stories may not be a good idea, but media owners who strive to reduce payroll can look differently.

Nevertheless, AI will not in the short term endanger journalists, Kennedy said.

PA Media faces difficult financial problems, along with other media organizations, and has had to prepare and persuade others to slash wages. It has recently bought a stock image business called Alamy shortly before the pandemic ravaged the media landscape, outside of its mainstream news agency business.

How Is Everyone Feeling About AI?

In a study commissioned for the multinational networking and telecommunications company Ericsson, the Swedish-based AI accomplishes many editorial tasks, like the writing of thousands of accruing findings.

The Kantar SIFO study was taken in Sweden, South Korea, Brazil and the United States of America on AI and journalism and involved more than 4,000 participants in the study. U.S. citizens have been the most skeptical of AI among the four countries.

Many tech firms test with the use of artificial intelligence for journalistic in order to better understand Google’s projects, even though efforts are not implemented fully to optimize publishing stories.

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