Robert Pattinson’s Batman Movie Getting TV Show Spinoff


Matt Reeves’ The Batman is having a TV show based on Gotham Police department. Reeves has been granted full liberty to create a new perspective on the Dark Knight following the departure of Ben Affleck from the DC Expanded Universe. Robert Pattinson becomes his next action hero like Bruce Wayne, and is the beginning of a multi-films sprint for him.

The series will be created by Matt Reeves and Terence Winter, producer of The Batman, best known for making the iconic HBO Crime Drama Boardwalk Empire. The series seeks to “reflect on a movie picture’s analysis of the criminal psychology of Gotham City” and “even farther explore Gotham ‘s various intriguing and complex characters,” with the intention of unveiling the “real world of Batman on several levels.”

While plot detail on The Batman is limited, the plans of Reeves to create a rich and completely developed ecosystem in the Batman world are obvious. It is already hinted that he is intending to create a movie series, and the first alone would feature several Batman myth characters. Jeffrey Wright will play Gordon, Zoe Kravitz will play Catwoman, and other villains, from the Riddler of Paul to the Penguin of Colin Farrell, will also feature.

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The latest TV show underlines the value of DC properties for the whole HBO Max strategy. Warner Bros. aims to develop the success of its DC personalities to encourage viewers of the streaming service by connecting a TV show with the next big Batman movie.

The Batman is not the only property to be extended by WarnerMedia to HBO Peak. The organization will also attempt the forthcoming Dune adaptation on a related project. For HBO Max, Dune: The Sisterhood, the bigger world of Dune and the personalities there are already confirmed.

However thrilling as the news is for everyone, when the programme will be broadcast remains to be seen. It could also be a number of years before it is streamed to HBO Max as production is only starting. The good bet is that it won’t be released until after The Batman reaches theaters in October 2021, and tide fans can keep hoping for a follow-up.