Phoenix Marketcity, Bangalore : A Place Where Your Safety is of Utmost Priority.


Venturing out for shopping and eating safe during this pandemic seems challenging. But what if we tell you there is a mall that can change your perception. Phoenix Marketcity, Bangalore, is trying to bust the myth of an unhygienic shopping experience. Maintaining the highest standard of safety and security of the visitors, this mall is where you need to visit during lockdown. 

Not only this, Phoenix Marketcity, Bangalore has left no stone unturned when it comes to maintaining social distance. Every store has a touch point with attached hand sanitizers round the mall. In case you want to get rid of germs, simply wipe it over at no risk.

This mall seems to be the best place to venture out as the place is equipped with highly professional staff taking care of the safety and security of the visitors. Phoenix Marketcity, Bangalore can provide you the safest experience of shopping during lockdown. Shopping during the pandemic in Bangalore seems easier when you choose this mall. Let us explore ways to the safe mall visit in Bangalore.

Seamlessly, they tried to cater to their customer needs maintaining all the necessary SOPs notified by the Government. Below are some of the ways in which this particular mall is standing different and upholding the notion of “Responsible Shopping.”

Check in Registration With Proper Screening

Phoenix Marketcity, Bangalore has check-in registration through physical sanitization as well as app based(Aarogya Setu) sanitization at the entrance. Not only this, automated temperature scan, UV sanitization of the shopping bags, along with mat, shoes are also sanitized so that you can enter the ambience without an iota of doubt.

Huge space, Easy To Manage

Phoenix Marketcity, is huge with a 1 million sq ft space that makes it quite large and open. It helps in maintaining social distancing where floors are painted for limiting the crowd to step in. In that way, a safe place to shop is the nearby malls in Bangalore. You are safe and you don’t need to think about the vulnerability of catching the disease whatsoever.

Contactless Dining Experience

The best thing about Phoenix Marketcity, Bangalore is that it provides a contactless dining experience for its visitors. No more you need to wait in the long queue. Simply scan the OR code and order your food at your convenience. 

Well Managed Security Rules

The Government has come out with stringent security rules, which every mall in Bangalore needs to adhere to. This boosts the confidence of the buyers who are planning to visit the malls with all the necessary safety precautions.

Time Efficient Shopping Experience

There is a myth around shopping malls that they always remain occupied. But Phoenix Marketcity, Bangalore has a different story to tell. They provide hassle free shipping ambience maintaining the responsibility of a dedicated venture. Visitors are not allowed to assemble in groups, thereby reducing the time for each visitor to do the shopping on time. Isn’t it time and cost-effective?

Apart from all these, the most important thing we need to consider at this hour of crisis is the sharing of responsibility to fight this pandemic. It’s high time we take care of our health, maintaining all the social distancing norms. Yes, it is difficult as life has come to a standstill. We do miss the hectic schedule we are used to starting from travelling outside and enjoying life. 

But now the priority is different. We need to be not only a shopper but a responsible shopper. We need to educate our future generation how we survived this pandemic smartly. Nothing is difficult, what requires is the determination and the right will of doing things. Let us encourage those frontrunners that are serving us during this pandemic and start doing our bit more responsibly.

With all the safety precautions, Phoenix Marketcity, Bangalore ensure safe and exciting shopping experiences for all! Head to Phoenix Marketcity Bangalore . To know more click on the link

PERSONAL SHOPPING ASSISTANCE: Phoenix Marketcity, Bangalore assists you in selecting and buying your favourite merchandise through WhatsApp, brand catalogue and virtual shopping.

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