Parasite- A Story Culminated Into a Thriller Screenplay

Parasite shows a clear picture of Korean society and depicts the rich or poor segments of society. This main plot of this tragic comedy revolves around the life of a poor family trying to make things better and in the pursuit of doing so got trapped.The thriller revolves around the life of a group of members that belong to a poor family getting employment by the richer ones through the infiltration of the household.

So let’s look into the accolades and other rewards this epic thriller received in due course. Still now the legacy of the film is mesmerizing people across the world.

Accolades and Rewards

The Parasite was first featured in the 2019 Cannes Film Festival where it received the prestigious Palme d’Or award. Also, it received the unanimous vote at the 2013 film festival. 

This movie crossed a market value of 206$ across the globe to obtain South Korea’s highest-paid movies. Among the most named recognitions Parasite received four awards in a row namely 92 Academy Awards, Best Original Screenplay and Best Director award. Also, it received the prestigious Golden Globe Award along with other awards. 

The Real Story Which Will Blow Your Mind

Kim’s family lives in a small apartment having poor financial problems. Kim’s family has three members namely father Ki- Taek, mother Chung sook along with daughter Ki-Jeong. This screenplay is directed by Bong Joon ho along with Ha Jin-Won. It features stars like Lee Sun Kyun, Jang Hye-Jin, Song Kang Ho, and Park So-Dam.

The poor family gets conned by Min-Hyuk who happens to be a friend of Ki-Woo. He promised them wealth. He told them when he will move abroad for higher studies Ki-Woo will take over the charge of English tutor of the Park’s family daughter. But the Parks conned him and Kim- Woo was caught on the trap. This is where the main story starts and the rest is for you to watch out. It will give you goosebumps.

A Remarkable Thriller To Attract Audience

The movie is a must-watch movie for all those who like thriller suspense. You will understand every bit of the story. Special mention goes to the director, Bong Joon-ho. He prepared the story in such a manner that it delivers a suspense kind of thing throughout the movie. 

So, those who have watched please share your feedback and those who have not watched, it’s time to experience the real thriller screenplay. You will surely love this. Also, this is out on different websites so go and download it quickly.

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