No Time to Die- A Detective Thriller That Is Set After 5 Years From Spectre: A Must Watch For 007 Lovers

The trailer No Time to Die is out now and the audience is going crazy with it. This movie features James Bond who is enjoying a peaceful life out there in Jamaica. But the peaceful life doesn’t exist longer when Felix Leiter came to him for help. 

The sole objective was to find a scientist which eventually becomes very difficult to tackle, that lead Bond with some suspect villain equipped with threatening equipment. 

This is the overall scenario from the trailer so far. So, it’s time to go and watch this amazing movie with your dear ones.

Major Casts With Daniel as the Main Showstopper

The Billie Eilish’s theme is for the James Bond movie which is mainly based on the betrayal of the secret agent. Lyrics of the song entitled ” You were never on my side” released at 00:00 GMT is similar to the latest trailer time which features Daniel Craig.

Eilish is the youngest singer to record a music score for Bond’s movie. The movie begins with some quirky paranormal piano tune with a weary voice that sings ” I should have known I’d leave alone. 

This spy thriller is the twenty-fifth edition of the James Bond series released by Eon Production. This movie is directed by Cari Joji Fukunaga who is there to write different screenplays including Neal Purvis. The other castes include Rami Malek, Lea Seydoux, Ana de Armas, Christoph Waltz, Jeffrey Wright, Ben Whishaw, Naomie Harris, Lashana Lynch.

Daniel Craig features as James Bond is a former MI agent. He retired for a while after Spectre events. Rami Malek will serve as the personal adversary of Bond. Producer Barbara Broccoli described him as the nasty person who gets into Bond’s skin. 

Twist and Thrill

The main twist began when James took the case and went on to solve mysteries. This detective thriller will unfold Daniel’s Craig’s real life as a spy. Finally, after many years we will finally witness a James Bond thriller. Previous movies of James Bond don’t come up with any major change in the character, we are expecting this will change the entire outing of Craig as far as the trailer.

Already the trailer has created a huge hype in different parts of the world. Bond fans are waiting eagerly for the show to hit the stage. This will be an end to the typical Bond movies since Craig’s most movies are connected to a higher degree.

A thriller to Hit the Box Office on April 2020

This show will really make a huge difference since it is not like the mainstream Bond movies. People will go out and watch this movie with full enthusiasm and thrill. So make the booking as quickly as possible as online booking will start soon. And those who have not watched the trailer, please watch this.

You will surely be overwhelmed. Mostly, the theme song by Billie Eilish caught the viewer attention. So stay tuned, and watch this movie on the first day. It will be an experience which will leave you awestruck.

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