Naeem Khan’s Spring Summer 2018 Collection

Looking for new flavors for a luxurious evening look, one that all crave? Better check out Naeem Khan’s spring-summer 2018 collection. Every time with new ideas and designs he made every woman ‘want-to-wear’ list a little bit longer.

Naeem Khan, a name that is so familiar in galas and red carpets, once again brought opulent, unique, dramatic and conspicuous design to his runway. This time with more dramatic and by covering elegant plates of color for a magnificient evening look.

This 2018 spring collection is will also be favored by a certain spectrum of women looking for pretty gowns and dresses for special public events and red carpets. His opulent designs include bejeweled and drop-waist strapless dresses, tutu skirt. Some pieces are even combined with items such as the white trousers.

The designer’s small pep talk backstage with fashion magazines states that the muse and inspiration were drawn from famous Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova with a tinge of tropical holiday effect. Fringes, flowers, sequins and more fringes gave most of the outfit an opulence none seen before.

Check out the Naeem Khan’s spring-summer 2018 show 

Photos by IMAXTree


Thapasya Chandran
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