Myths and realities of casual dating. Best relationship tips.

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The myths and realities of casual dating. Its must that you should know about the myths and realities of casual dating when in relationship or planning for a relationship.

“Today’s generation has narrowed down love-relationships to just a casual affair. They can’t remain loyal to one and all they seek is physical satisfaction” murmured my father while watching a news channel where a story was being broadcast-ed about a guy who dumped his girl saying she is not good in bed.

Those words echoed in my ears and I thought about writing this piece where I can break the perception about us (the millennial).

We are often seen as the “hookup generation” or the “casual lovers”. Our parents and columnists have mostly negative things to say when it comes to our “love culture”.

We fail to understand how and why people develop a mindset about our relationship so easily. We realise that things and perceptions have changed, but it’s for both good and worse.

Ah! Time for some ‘reality-check’. Through this blog, we intend to break and change the stereotypical perspective most people have framed about us, the ‘millennial love’.

  1. It’s all about sex

Myth: Today’s generation has easy access to dating partners. First or second date ends up in sex. They don’t want to wait till marriage to have a physical relationship. The young couples date only as long as they are getting physical satisfaction. Love is all about fulfilling one’s own sexual desires.

Reality: Well, no. For most of us, sex is not the ultimate thing, here’s the proof. We search for a companion, and not a sex partner. And, most importantly, sex is a part of the love connection for us. It is just a way to show the closeness with the partner. We don’t wait till marriage as we feel it’s better to sleep with someone we know, rather than with an ‘arranged’ marriage material.

  1. They don’t think about marriage

Myth: The “hook-up generation” doesn’t think about future plans with their love interest. Their relationship age is mostly around 1-2 years. They only live for the present and run away from the idea of marriage and permanent settlement. They are happy with the idea of temporary relations and switching to a new partner once they get bored.

Reality: We do think about marriage but at the right time. The idea of getting married to someone we barely know, this is what annoys us. We don’t want to immediately think of our partner as our husband/wife. We believe that it’s best if we let the relation nourish on its own.

  1. There’s no loyalty

Myth: The casual lovers don’t stick to one. They have many love interests at the same time. They can’t remain loyal to one partner and easily get attracted to others. While they are in a relationship, they flirt around with others. Millennials, simply put, have lost the meaning of honesty in relationships.

Reality: Wake up call, we are honest more than anyone. We are clear about what we do and we share everything with our partner. Even if we are flirting around, our partners know about it. We have our intentions straight and clear. That doesn’t mean we aren’t loyal to our partners. We understand what it means to be true to one partner.

  1. Online dating is the culprit

Myth: Online dating has given many options for the young generation. Relationship partners are just a few swipes away. Due to this, casualness in a relationship is growing while seriousness and loyalty are decreasing. Such easy access makes it difficult for them to resist and they end up cheating on their partners.


Let’s face it. Relationships were a mess even before the dating apps. Couples betrayed each other with their office ‘love’. We are surrounded by people. If we want to cheat on our partners, we don’t need dating apps for that. If we have decided to remain committed, we’ll abide by it, no matter what.

Article Auther : Sagrika Mehta