Maternity Photography tips for beautiful maternity photos

Our Concept of Maternity Photography

Maternity photography has been closest to our heart in all ways. It’s a wonderful experience to click the glory of a pregnant lady. She is full of gorgeousness and beauty in her special ways. She is complete in herself and does not even need her spouse to complete her in this particular portrait. There is so much of grace and content in her, which is reflected straight from her face.

The Glirl feel that a maternity photography session is a must have for today’s women. As it’s all about celebrating her individuality, in style. The Glirl photographers are committed to the core to get the best of the mom-to-be as we are very clear of the fact that its one in a lifetime moment for each mother and it has to be captured in the most beautiful way.

Our Motto:-

To celebrate motherhood through our maternity photography in the most charismatic and spellbound fashion.

Our Vision:-

Women are the most beautiful of God’s creation and she looks all the more beautiful while she carries a life within. Clicking it in the most dignified and beautiful way; so as to capture the stillness of grace, and it’s cherished for life.

Our Mission:-

Providing our clients with the most beautiful portraits as per their demands, which becomes their most valued treasure for life.


How to celebrate maternity

Motherhood is a lifetime experience and yes, the life never takes a ‘U’ turn once you see the first signs of pregnancy. It’s a continuous evolution of your body, mind, and soul, so why not capture these memories into mesmerizing stillness forever.

The best way to celebrate maternity is by capturing beautiful maternity photographs.

The celebration of maternity can be best captured at

  • The first picture can be of your pregnancy strip confirming a positive result. Make sure to preserve the strip and get it clicked by the expert in maternity photoshoot.
  • The first sonography scan showing the implantation is another great picture to preserve for your child to see when he or she grows up
  • Your crazy eating, craving for unusual foodstuff can be a part of the photoshoot.
  • Same day every month can be clicked along with the weighing machine, inch tape to record your progress.
  • The subsequent sonography’s (around 24-26 weeks) showing the growing fetus in the womb should not miss the click.
  • You can get the best clicks in 30-32 weeks as you will have a significant baby bump but you would not be all huge to be breathless. Still, we at The Glirl believe that every pregnancy and every person’s endurance to the physical changes are different. So, you are the best guide to plan your shoot.
  • The last trimester shoot can also be combined with your last scan or your 3D anomaly scan.
  • BABY SHOWER- your baby shower needs to be clicked in a way that all the fun and precious blessings bring a smile on your face even after several years. The games, party, baby props, gifts, guest all can be captured by our professional photographer in the best way, to create a lifelong memory.
  • BABYMOON- a romantic vacation to an exotic location just to rekindle the spark love before the baby arrives makes another great shoot. Photos are life don’t let it slip from your hands just like that. Keep making memories of people, moments, great time, blessings, get-togethers, events, milestones, achievements in your life or even if it is related to work. Come and visit Impression Live home studio to make your ever lasting impression to the world.


The best locations for your maternity photography

The Great Outdoors:

Motherhood is a divine blessing of nature, and the best pictures of a mom to be would be close to nature. Though indoor shoots have their own advantages of privacy, comfort, resting zones etc but there’s something about being outside. The most breathtaking is that capturing the natural beauty of a woman who’s ready to bring new life into the world. Placing her in the great outdoors is always amazing.

The golden hours of sunset and sunrise would also add bright colors of shine and hue to the photographs. Outdoor shoots also provide vast scope for different types of props and backgrounds.

At Home:

When we shoot a mommy-to-be in her own home we are making her comfortable to feel easy and cool otherwise she may not be. This is a fantastic reason to hold maternity sessions at home.

Also, the bare skin photo shoots go great in the comfort of one’s own surrounding and people. As a team, we feel like it’s our responsibility to help the subjects feel comfortable and capable of giving their best, no matter what’s the choice of location.

Maternity Photography sessions at home are also special because it’s wonderful for a couple to have a photo session that truly shows what their life was at the time of baby came to be a part of their family.

20 tips to Look better at pregnancy photographs

Pregnancy or maternity is certainly a period with loads of hormonal havoc resulting in mood fluctuations. Though Stretch marks, swelling, and increasing waistline are a constant stress, the added benefit is the glow on the skin, improved hair growth and the shine.

The Glirl would give you the never failing techniques to have the best look in your pregnancy photograph.

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Wear the never failing smile confidently
  3. Feel beautiful
  4. Wear subtle
  5. Avoid big prints
  6. Avoid horizontal lines
  7. Do not overdress
  8. Gone are the days of oversized dresses
  9. Monochrome colours give a sleek look
  10. Accentuate your looks with correct makeup
  11. Eye makeup would enhance the natural attraction
  12. Wear big jewelry
  13. Even though you are big to remember its nature’s gift and you are blessed
  14. Pregnancy is beautiful and so are you
  15. Make the most of your thickened hair by hairstyling
  16. Have thin legs? Flaunt it in short dresses or skinny jeans
  17. Toned arms and shoulders need a little show off in the sleeveless attire
  18. Proud of your new found cleavage due to increase in size highlight it with the scoop or a V neck top
  19. If you are one of those fitness freaks, you are responsible to motivate others; so click yourself in your workout outfits and routines.
  20. Love yourself; remember there is nothing more beautiful than pregnant women and her body.

When is the right time to take Maternity Photographs

Yes, the excitement builds right from your first confirmatory test but The Glirl suggest you two major ways to get your maternity photoshoot album done.


    1. Get your monthly picture taken at the same date.
    2. It can be a barebelly or bikini picture as well if you dare to.
    3. Use props to showcase your increasing size like inch tape, weighing scale, tops getting shorter, baby shoes etc.
    4. You can also showcase your cravings in each month or trimester.
    5. A monthly picture can also be clubbed with the sonography image
    6. Last but not the least complete the schedule 1month post-delivery- joy overloaded.

  2. 31- 36 WEEK – Good time for an outdoor professional session.
    1. Wait until you are big but not too big. As the body’s natural center of gravity shifts and posing, positioning can become a tiring game. Your belly should be big and beautiful but should not interfere with your comfort level.
    2. Around 31 weak is the right time as the belly gets round, but also it’s not too heavy yet.
    3. But The Glirl do believe that each pregnancy and baby belly is different so personal stamina is the best guide and choice.


Maternity Photography tips for everyone

Simple and subtle: –

No matter what the location of the shoot is, it is advisable to keep the surroundings simple and sober. The beauty of a mother waiting for the arrival of her child should be captured in a way that allows the miracle to speak for itself. Everything in the frame that is unessential will simply serve to distract from the story that’s being told, naturally.

Extended family: –

If the siblings and the grandparents are available, make sure to include them in a few frames as well. As in India, no occasion is complete without the blessings of the grandparents and this makes them feel loved and feel important.
For some, pets are an essential part of their family. We have seen people taking pride and joy in them and treating them (especially a dog) just like a family. Also, I personally know couples for who had been struggling to have a child and for them the family dog was their biggest stress buster, so am sure their photoshoot will have their pet shot in quite a few of the pictures.

Avoid clutter: –

Styling the backdrop is very important to get the best photograph. So, think about what’s around you and is it required for the shoot. When choosing the location, avoid standing in front of a messy room, a messy bathroom or an un kept hedge. Instead, lie in a mermaid style on a dark colour couch. Or pick up an outdoor location like park, beach, vineyard, farm, hill edge anything mesmerizing. Poses of leaning against the tree or looking at the sea come out beautifully in photographs.

The golden hour: –

For the outdoor shoots, the best time is shortly after sunrise and or before sunset during which the daylight has an orange hue and is softer than when the sun is higher in the sky. These times are the best for portrait clicks and to get the gentle emotions very evident on the face.

Play with the shadow: –

Capturing the shadow pictures of the baby bump, you hugging your spouse, holding the tummy is also a mesmerizing shot. It’s the photographers quality to get the picture to depict more than just the shadows.

Turn off the flash: –

Most of the Maternity photographers suggest standing right in front of an open door or window to get great natural light is a better option than the camera flash. Though, midday sun should be best avoided. The best times to go outside are early in the morning or an hour before sunset when there’s golden, sun-tanned texture in the light.