Maternity Photography. 10 terrible and most common mistakes to avoid.

Maternity Photography common mistakes that can be avoided during the photoshoot.

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The passion for photography is increasing among people and has the craze of getting clicked for all the simple reason has increased. Today many of us posses a DSLR camera and those who don’t have the high end phone cameras with editing apps.

But the difference between a professional photographer and an amateur one is just like that of between a scholar and an undergraduate. A professional Maternity photographer has the required practical and theoretical knowledge which is much required when you deal with important occasions which may not happen again and again in your life.  You can never expect the same quality of pictures by just owning a DSLR, there is more to the science of photography. So guys for the most precious pictures like Maternity Photography, please rely on the skill set of a specialized Pregnancy or Maternity Photographer.

The 10 common mistakes done while taking maternity photos:-

  1. When photographer do not understand the need of a shoot.- Your pregnancy and the pregnancy pictures are the most special to you. Only a professional photographer will understand the need and importance of same and actually share your feelings as it’s a part of his daily routine.
  2. Not pre preparing for the shoot :- for a professional photoshoo,t there are certain prerequisites which only a professional, who have immense practical knowledge will only know.
  3. Not taking the shoot seriously :- that’s what exactly happens when the shoot is done for fun, or just by anybody. The real seriousness of the work and the product to be released comes up only when a professional maternity photographer is involved. A professional will know exactly how to make shoot fun for you but he himself will be seriously occupied in his work.
  4. Not choosing the right attire, colors, print etc.:- you may be a fashionista but when it comes to pregnancy photoshoot your Pregnancy Photography team will be the best guide to guide you to your best looks and the best shape of the baby Bump.
  5. Not picking up the right location for the shoot . :- A profession maternity photoshoot expert will know out of the hundreds of locations which are a hit these days, which one will suit you the best. Location is one e aspect which needs a proper research. And this involves a lot of pre work like interviewing your client, working out the distance, taking the outdoor locations with utmost care due to the various government projects coming up on roads and public places, legal permissions etc.
  6. Not working on poses and props:- professional photographer is the best person to know the current happening props in this industry. Poses which will give you best shape and make you feel like a Diva will be well versed to him and him alone.
  7. Not relying on photographer’s experience:- The photographer who has specialization in maternity photoshoot should be trusted upon totally.
  8. Not choosing the right photographer in accordance to your demand of style. :- once you figure out what exactly you want it is of great importance to select the photographer looking onto your need.
  9. Not coming on a mutual consensus with the photographer :- you and your photographer should connect with each other from the first day as there cannot be great outcomes without mutual agreement on barious matters.
  10. Expecting unrealistic magical effects in final picture:- yes there are apps to beautify you and the picture but kindly do not expect to look like any other X Y Z actress as you yourself are unique and beautiful in your own ways. We know that and respect that and promise you to bring out the best in you.

On a good note

To conclude we at Impressions Live strongly recommend you to go for maternity photography as being pregnant is a life time experience and capturing it with our professional photographer would keep it live for life.

Every time you would look back to your frame you will not miss that smile and we guarantee you to take you back to those timeless memory lanes year after year.