Mango SS19 Collection – Down To Earth

Mango SS19 Collection is all about turning down to the eath mode. Yes rather than previous trends in 2018  focusing on the shade of color this time its whole new palette.  Mango SS19 Collection is called “Down to the earth” which shows the new trendy palette of mother nature.

Mango SS19 Collection includes different shades of sandy browns, clays shades,  and forest greens. The vibe of the collection is pretty much classic and perfect.  Spring 2018 collection and Resort 2019 collections actually boasted earth tones. This impacted the SS19 collection from different brands and all of the fashionista.

Earth tones are more enjoyed without patterns. So the designers actually played by giving texture to the tones.  Quilting and fabric used gives the garment a new look and feel which make all the difference for those who wear it.

The collection includes almost all types of outfit, from casual wear to more formal wear. If you are a party animal and want to wear something that standout then you only have to find compatible pieces that go very well together and gives you the impact you seek. But the earth tone more of stuttle way of speaking your inner soul and how it is linned to the mother nature.

Check out Mango SS19 Collection- Down to Earth

Mango SS19 Collection- Down to earth is more of  impact this season. You can see these ear tone in other fashion brands. So if you want to know about the latest collection, unique style and fashion trends read read read !!! and give your comment below what you want to be reading next.

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