Love or Lust? How to differentiate between the two in relationship.

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Love or lust. “There’s a very thin line between how love and lust are expressed. Both love and lust are very strongly expressed emotions. Sexual desires are not only borne out of lust, they are a physical phenomenon too. However, the difference lies in what happens before and after making out.”

Are you in a dilemma whether your relationship is built on love or lust? Here are few pointers to end your dilemma.

  1. What happens after sex?

 If either of the partners is far from cuddles and hugs even after making out, it’s a sign of lust being the dominant one. Sex is not the only parameter to decide if he/she is in love or not. What’s major that there should be an emotional connect too. Physical Intimacy in love constitutes much more beyond sexual relation only.

  1. How does future look like?

 No future plans, no serious thoughts about the relation, only planning for casual dates ahead―clearly, it is not loved. A person in love can never ignore where his/her relationship is going. They will see a bright future together with their partner. The one who only desires physical pleasure will only be concerned about tomorrow’s date in the room.

  1. How much do they sacrifice?

Two hearts in love sacrifice and compromise for each other, happily. They’re willing to sacrifice and do whatever it takes to make their relationship work well. On the other hand, a lusty mind can never compromise or bend for their relationship. It takes heartfelt love to prioritize a relationship and partner’s happiness before your own self.

  1. How much do you truly know each other?

It’s easy to spend a good time, talk about things around and enjoy life together. However, do they talk about themselves with you? Do you know your partner in and out and do they know you truly? If no, the answer is quite clear. Sharing one’s real feelings is one of the most important ways to express their love.

  1. How comfortable you’re with them?

 A lusty mind will only be concerned with your physical appearance and you’ll have to assess highly about how you look every time you meet them. They will expect you to be presentable (appealing) at all times and will have no space for your own comfort. On the other hand, a loving heart will find you attractive in whatever you wear. However, comfort not only refers to be able to dress as per own choice. But also being free to bring out the real you in front of them.

To summaries, such signs will give you a clearer picture of your partner’s feelings for you. You will know where your relationship is heading. If it’s here to stay for long or if it’s just a casual one-time thing. However, the way of expressing one’s emotions may vary completely.

In the end, it’s you who have to sense what dominant feeling your partner has. So, be careful while you assess your relation and your partner’s feelings.

Article Author : Sagrika Mehta