Jean-Claude Jitrois Spring Summer 2019 Collection

“Let’s be and not perform,” says creative director  Jean-Claude Jitrois.

Ante creating Jitrois, Jean Claude     Coste was the widely acknowledge specialist of psychomotricity and psychodrama. Jean Claude Jitrois’s fashion deeply roots his understanding in models and experiences of real self-liberation.

Clothes and roles play a central part in this process. Play with your identities and you will eventually find who you are, free from all. Play with your group, your Klub, your tribe. Andy Warhol factory powerfully resonates with Jean Claude philosophy, as a vibrant positive answer to a world in search of liberation as well as re-connection.

The dialogue between clothes and players celebrates humanistic psychology, which is gender-free, strengthens the power beyond personality, and gives the spirit space to be nurtured.

For the Spring Summer 19     collection, Maison Jitrois is setting various playgrounds and stages for all generations, moods, and spirits to express. Starting with his favorite material, the liberating second-skin stretch leather,

Jean Claude creates a series of high waisted pants, skirts and dresses emphasizing body shapes and expression, playing on shapes with numerous pleats and darts. Abundance of gender-free masterpieces, volume leather pant and jackets, transparent evenings see through long dresses and sports bombers are displayed altogether by a series of images of a youthful group, adopting styles and colors one after the other.

A perfect flow creating the Spring  Summer 19 campaign. The collaboration is harmonious and joyful, which resonates into the whole series of images. Sets for play, our life full frieze of players unfolds, expanding the Jitrois continuum allows vision and perfect understanding of Jitrois values. Rankin continuing     its legacy as the international powerhouse it is of the collection, displaying with proud energy the original signature of Jean Claude Jitrois     for the girls and guys on-the-go, asserting that the creative energy and     connection of the brand set connects all generations throughout the urban  jitrois AlsoMoving from washed leather denim looks to elegant space blue shades, black leather remains paramount as used for its shine or cutouts. Wide fringed jackets are mounted on silk create lightness of being.  Bohemian blue embroidered shirt suede dresses with long ruffle sleeve elegantly play with drama as well as mini embroidere

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Photo and content credit: Jitrois and GPS Radar

Thapasya Chandran
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