How to Register A Company In India

Company registration in India

You may want to start a company but don’t have the proper information and knowledge regarding this. Don’t you worry here we are going to introduce to you all the legal formalities which you will have to complete to set up your company in India? Most of the guys who start their companies are all coders or designers. So they also don’t have the proper info about the legalities about company registration in India.  If they can do this then why can’t you?

You will just have to take care of some rules and laws so that you don’t end up in jail. When you are planning to start a company you will have to do many things like meeting your investors and ensuring you don’t miss any meeting. But one of the most important tasks is to know all the rules and how to imply your company registration in India.

One of the most important things to remember is that you don’t ever use your bank account for your business transactions as it may create problems for you in the future.

How to Choose Your Company Name?

Choosing the correct name for your business is very necessary as without a proper name you won’t get proper recognition. The name should be strong and should be relatable to your company in some way. There are a few tips regarding choosing a name for your company.

  •  Select simple and easy to remember names.
  • Avoid complex and large names.
  • Choose names that are easy to pronounce.

Later on, hire a lawyer to review the name which you have chosen to ensure that no other company has the same name. If you are planning to set up business in India make sure you add .in as your domain instead of .com. The Government Company can only utilize the term State in its name so don’t ever add it into your company name.

Once you are done with choosing the name of your company now it’s your turn to register the company. MCA has made now the company registration in India process very simple and fast. The registration of your company would be completed in 1 week only. The whole process has now gone digital. To register your company you will have to choose a specific business type from these- sole proprietorship, private limited, public limited, partnership, and limited liability partnership. Each of these has its legalities. In the sole proprietorship, it is not required to complete any registration. You won’t have to pay any taxes. All the incomes would be completely yours.

How To Register A Sole Proprietorship Company?

For this you will require:

  • Aadhaar card
  • PAN card
  • Bank account proof

Visit the nearest chartered accountant and have your registration certificate. Now you are done.

One-person company is a company that is single-handedly managed by a single person.

How To Register A One-Person Company?

You will require these documents for this:

  • Digital signature certificate
  • Director identification number
  • Proof of registered office affidavit

Approach a chartered accountant who will take care of the rest of the process.

If you are planning to include some partners in your company. You can create a partnership agreement with them which will include all the legalities and regulations required in a partnership. This will make sure how the profit is shared between you and your partner.

How to set up an LLC?

You will require: –

  • DPIN (Designated Partner Identification Number)
  • Digital signature certificate

You will get all of this after foiling the form online and the help of these numbers register your company on the MCA portal. Fill the incorporation form to register LLC and you will get an LLC agreement.

A private limited company is a type of company in which only 200 employees can work maximum. A private company cannot raise funds from the public.

How to register a private limited company?

You will need: –

  • Directors Identification Number(DIN),

DIN is a unique code which can only be generated when you have: –

  • PAN card
  • Aadhaar card
  • Phone and electricity bill
  • Bank statement

Now you will need to fill a registration application. Visit the MCA website which will guide you for the further process and will give you PAN and TAN applications. If you have submitted all of the information correct and appropriate then you are done and your application would be approved.

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