How to handle a break-up

How to handle a break-up

Just Like Bygones Be Bygones- Don’t Take Anything For Granted In Mature Relationship

If you love someone from the core of your heart, it is very difficult to let him/her go. It hurts like thunder and gets crapped in your mind for a long time. Sometimes it comes like a big iceberg and of course, you are not willing to hit that. It is very difficult to let go of something especially if you want your lover to stay with you, but that person is engaged with someone else. Well, it’s really very tough to move on.

Don’t Invest too Much For Something Which you Don’t Deserve, Tables will turn

Stop crying for something which you are taken for granted. You cannot bring that back to the original state. You have to move on. The same thing is applicable for your relationships as well. So, it is not at all worthwhile to invest energy and put your effort into something which is irretrievable. Therefore, what cannot be brought back should not be looked upon.

Don’t be the fool and be the one to do all the hard work in a relationship. He/she may want to celebrate the anniversary with you, but forgot the date. He/She will tell you because of work pressure and other obligations the date got missed out. You want to share something very serious or some emotional feelings, but she might pretend to listen. You will understand this when a woman is silent and you are just the one carrying out the conversation.

Wait for Your True Love, Good Things Take Time

The majority of the couples are not much romantic after 2-3 years as they are during the beginning. But that doesn’t signify that the romance is over. For courtesy at least, you should bring something like chocolates, flowers, or a bottle of wine. If the relationship is genuine, he/she will remember the birthday and the first place of your meeting.