How to get orgasm without taking your clothes off

How to get the orgasm

Outer course, Heavy Pretty, Dry sex or Tribadism or dry humping. No matter whatever you call it.  The actual act of rubbing your vagina against your partner’s leg, the knees, masturbation, erection or any other part of the body that deserves more respect and love than what people actually give it. Yet dry humping is not what people do before they are ready to have penetrative sex in order to have orgasm. Or being completely naked in front of your partner.

For all those individuals who have clitoris dry humping can actually lead to a mind-blowing organism. While individuals with penis can turn out to get pleasure by having an intercourse, dry humping is all about the clitoris. This repetitive motion then goes ahead and applies friction and pressure to the clitoris. So as long as you are going ahead and doing the entire thing right, there is a good chance that you will rock the world. Keeping the above things in mind given below are the a few ideas that you can try and use in order to have orgasm without removing your clothes. Let’s have a look at them right below.

Do a little prep work:

Dry humping is something like penetrative sex, and in that you might require a bit of foreplay to make things happen. So, take your time in the bathroom in order to rub your clit and get the orgasm. And there is nothing wrong when you actually preparing yourselves a bit.

Choose your clothes carefully:

You can have an orgasm by having your clothes on, but it is actually going to get really very harder if you are wearing a thick denim. In short you need to have to put a bit of pressure on your clitoris, so if you are heading to bae house you definitely know that you are going to do try humping so do wear some light clothes. The thinner your clothes the thinner barrier of your clitoris. The more likely you will be able to get off it.

Getting into the position:

Wish to have an orgasm. Then you need to find a position where you can have control the speed, position and the flow of angle. The flow of angle will help you decide how you can rub your clitoris against your partner’s body. And if your penis has or is spotting a strap on, then it would be the best when you get on the top. You just have to tilt your pelvis forward. And then slowly move your hips around unless and until you come across the aha movement.

Consider adding sex toys:

Dry humping might for most of us seem to be a bit desperate, and a spontaneous act. By having a little thought being put into it you can really pay off.  You can choose wearing a silky kind of an inner wear that is suggested by most of the sexologists.  Say for example if your partner has a penis or is wearing a strap on. They can even then continue to wear a vibrating cock ring make it even more fun.

Being careful about the bodily fluids:

Planning to leave your clothes on? Dry humping ensures that you are safe from the sexually transmitted diseases along with the unwanted pregnancies. Most of them even today wish to strip down their underwear and decide to get completely naked. Before doing this you need to make sure that you are mindful of the bodily fluids. Studies have shown that every year there have been a few individuals who are into dry humping. And with a bit of no to clothing they have landed up having babies.

I hope that the above-mentioned dry humping tips have led you with one of the best experiences. Are there any other options that has been missed out in the post over here? Share your experiences with us in the section given below. We would love to hear from you.