How to celebrate Maternity

Motherhood is a life time experience and yes, the life never takes a ‘U’ turn once you see the first signs of pregnancy. It’s a continuous evolution of your body, mind and soul, so why not capture these memories into mesmerizing stillness forever.

The best way to celebrate maternity is by capturing beautiful maternity photographs.

Celebration of maternity can be best captured at-

The first picture can be of your pregnancy strip confirming a positive result. Make sure to preserve the strip and get it clicked by the expert in maternity photoshoot.

The first sonography scan showing the implantation is another great picture to preserve for your child to see when he or she grows up

Your crazy eating, craving for unusual food stuff can be a part of the photoshoot.

Same date every month can be clicked along with the weighing machine, inch tape to record your progress.

The subsequent sonography’s (around 24-26 weeks) showing the growing fetus in the womb should not miss the click.

You can get the best clicks in 30-32 weeks as you will have a significant baby bump but you would not be all huge to be breathless. Still, we at impressions live believe that every pregnancy and every person’s endurance to the physical changes are different. So, you are the best guide to plan your shoot.

The last trimester shoot can also be combined with your last scan, or your 3D anomaly scan.

BABY SHOWER- your baby shower needs to be clicked in a way that all the fun and precious blessings brings a smile on your face even after several years. The games, party, baby props, gifts, guest all can be captured by our professional photographer in the best way, to create a lifelong memory.

BABY MOON- a romantic vacation to exotic location just to rekindle the spark love before the baby arrives makes another great shoot.