Animated Oscar-Winning Movie ” Hair Love” Stand Out In The Crowd

You know that at the Oscars, the movie attaining global feats gets the most attention. However, the winner this year goes to “Hair Love” for the best-animated short film. 

It depicts the sweet and jubilant story of African-Americans who want to give the hair of the daughter a new shape in the absence of her wife. The use of words in the film and the gestures made by the two caught the audience’s attention. 

Star Casts and the Message it Provides

The main message of the movie is to be loved and bind love with the natural hair On the occasion, actress Gabrielle Union and former N.B.A star Dwayne Wade were present. They were married producers. Issa Rae is acting as the mother of Zuri, the young daughter. 

The movie is written by Matthew A.Cherry. The father of the young daughter, Zuti wants to style her hair. They progressed to the hospital where they found Zuri’s mother was wearing a scarf and sitting on a wheelchair. There was no hair on her mother’s head.

A Commercially Acclaimed Movie for you!

The movie is released along with other movies. It received huge accolades and recognition. So please watch this with your kids and those who don’t know about it, please go through this blog once. You will love this show.

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