FENDI Launches FENDI First- An Iconic New Chapter in Accessories

FENDI Launches FENDI First

FENDI presents FENDI First, a ready-to-wear collection. An Iconic new chapter in accessories that turns out to draw on the house heritage evolving for its future.

Reimagining the form of an cantilevered heel that was first presented in Spring/Summer 2000, the new season is believed to be an architectural mule, that adopts an inverted FENDI “F” as its very foundation – an homage to the house’s instinctive alignment of form and function. And in order to balance the graphic minimalism and refined luxury, the shoe is realized in a wide range of fabrics starting from the glossy leather to the clouds of fluffy shearling or rose-tinted mink, and is then elevated by the golden metallic heel.

Who is FENDI?

Pics: Fendy. Fendi O’Lock fashion jewelry designed by Delfina Delettrez Fendi

Fendi First was founded by the Fendi Brothers Adele and Edoardo Fendi in Rome in the year 1925. Over the years this Italian brand turned out to emerge as Mansion. And is renowned for the various craftsman ship and innovation that is deeply linked to the roman roots. Today even after 90 years later, this Italian brand has turned out to be synonymous in terms of tradition, experimentation and creativity.

The opening of their first boutique turned out to gain huge success in Handbag Shop and Fur workshop. At the company’s second-generation in 1946, the five sisters Paola, Anna, Franca, Carla, and Alda joined as equal shareholders. The five sisters began working for the family business bringing in new energy and ideas. It was in the year 1922, Silvia Venturini Fendi joins the company. And is given the responsibility of accessories and then the mens wear lines.

The ready-to-wear collection for the Autumn/Winter season in 2021

The ready-to-wear collection by Kim Jones for FENDI adds a new chapter to the house. The brand helped in showcasing the codes and women who have upheld the history of the brand. Drawing on the femininity and savoir-faire have always been an integral part of the brand. And this new collection turns out to embrace the finer aspects of Italian refinement freshly.

From a washed mink and bonded suede coat to the pinstripes of their current workplace attire now rendered in silken shirting or perfectly proportioned wool tailoring, the wardrobes of the five Fendi sisters provide foundational resources. Inspired by Silvia Venturini Fendi’s everyday uniform, a practical shirt jacket has been transformed into a luxury shearling option. Jones explains.

Be it functional and stylish. A pair of cashmere double-cashmere coats stretches into a mix of mink tricot and wool-fringed scarves, which has elsewhere been rendered into draped shirts and skirts. As the discussion continues.

These exquisitely crafted FENDI ateliers garments throughout the collection, including a featherweight mink herringbone jacket built on a suspension system, a tailored suit enhanced with a major embroidered design, and laser-cut Karligraphy monograms.


Pics from Instagram, Priyanka Chopra

Adding to the collection. This Italian Brand is a large selection of new accouterments, produced by Silvia Venturini Fendi for a new chapter. And is overseen by Silvia Venturini. For the premiere of this Italian Brand, which pays a tribute to the irreverent off-kilter style of the brand, the monogram is tilted to face the frame of a clutch, and has been exhibited in several forms, including the tablet-sized and tiny sized purses which are strung as jewelry.

The FENDI Way tote and Touch shoulder bag were introduced, using several new shapes. Starting from the newly distorted forms of Peekaboo and to the Sunshine Shopper were represented.


Pics: FENDI’S Contemporary O’LOCK Jewelry collection

A new jewelry collection for the house, FENDI O’Lock, has been making use of graphic modernism, in order to depict the emblem in the shape of a carabineer, including the padlocks that can be unlocked only by calling FENDI. The Golden chains wrapped in leather and adorned with Selleria embellishments hang from wax seal pendants that are imprinted with Karligraphy, and are strung from golden chains.

In homage to its legendary heritage and savoir-faire, FENDI First beautifully represents Jones’ current vision for the company.