Emirates put a Flight Attendant On Top of the World’s Tallest Building Burj Khalifa for a promotional video.

Emirates See You In Dubai

Unbelievable and incredible Emirates ad campaign of Flight Attendant from the top of the World’s Tallest Building. We feel this is an insanely crazy & brilliant Marketing stunt.

Emirates celebrate the reopening on travel to and from the United Kingdom. The cabin crew dressed in the classic Emirates uniform by skydiver and stuntwoman Nicole Smith-Ludvik. Don’t miss this commercial and the making video!

The 829.8 meters tall Burj Khalifa is holding the pride of being the world’s tallest building for more than the last 12 years. This sky-high building has witnessed several chilling stunts over these years, but the crazy stunt recently done by Emirates Airlines was something that gives goosebumps. It was nearly impossible to pull off but Emirates has done this marketing stunt quite skilfully. To celebrate the reopening of travel to and from the United Kingdom, Emirates Airlines put a flight attendant on the top of this skyscraper. It was done so perfectly that you can easily confuse this marketing stunt as a Hollywood action movie.

The producing teams, Prime productions AMG and TECS Event Services confirmed that it was not an effect of a green screen but actually done by skydiver and frontwoman Nicole Smith-Ludvik who was dressed in Emirates classic cabin crew uniform. This campaign was done by helicopter and drone video company Choppershoot.

TECS Event services officially wrote on their social media post,” Being part of such a special project – not only for the fact that we were trusted to help bring this to life (yes, this is very very real) but also what it means for so many families who have been separated from their families between here in Dubai and the UK”.

On the other hand, the stunt woman Smith-Ludvik stated, ” It was one of the most amazing and exciting stunts I’ve ever done.”

So, why have the Emirates done this? The reason behind it was the decision taken by the United Kingdom that they are going to reopen their travel with the Emirates. Before the pandemic, the UK was the most important market for the Emirates, but because of this global pandemic, the British government decided to cut off all travel connections with UAE in January. Only British residents who were stuck in Dubai for any reason had the privilege to travel back and quarantine themselves for 10 days in a hotel.

According to Airline’s chief operating officer Adnan Kazim, “Since the UK’s announcement last evening, we’ve seen a huge surge in queries from customers desperate to travel to see their families, planning their kids’ return for the new school term, as well as their postponed business or holiday travel”. He also added “Emirates is reviewing our operations to various points in the UK and any service restart will be announced in the usual fashion,”

In the time of the pandemic, the British government was unhappy that a large number of British were coming to spend their holidays in Dubai and so, Dubai was targeted with the Red list ban. At present, the situation has improved and that’s why they have decided to lift all those restrictions and reopen international travel. Emirates is ready to accept that decision with open arms and welcoming British people again in their place.

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