Don’t tell what a woman should do- She is perfect in her own form

Don’t tell what a woman should do— she is perfect in her own form

If “Humans are the best creation of God on this Earth”, then women are the masterpieces. She is the epitome of beauty and gravity. She is smart! She is confident! She knows her worth. She knows how to love you unconditionally, how to take care of herself as well as you and your belongings. She is a talented manager. She has the potential to perform any role. She is a perfectionist. She is a creator. In short, she is a versatile creature and a multitasker.

Therefore, don’t tell what a woman should do. She loves to be carefree and flaunt in her own way. Don’t tell her how to dress-up, or how to talk! Or, how to walk! She is a creativity done by God. Thus, don’t try to modify her forcibly. Don’t try to dominate her. If you really want to do something for the female fraternity present in your life, then try to contribute to women empowerment by presenting positive measures and accepting the women in your life as she is. Trust me your love and acceptance will automatically cause her to be devoted towards you in every terms.

In this lifestyle blog, let’s talk about us, we, the women. Let’s steal some time from our regular life and spotlight some of the stereotypical and orthodox issues that a woman generally faces.

Gender inequality

A woman is undoubtedly different in terms of physical features from a man. However, that doesn’t depict her IQ, calibre or potentiality. If you think that a woman is made for the role of a mother, sister, wife, daughter, and homemaker only and she can do household chores only, then you are “wrong”. Women in business can make smarter decisions than men and in her professional life she can go ahead by her own working skills, and not her physical skills.

Body shaming and dark complexion

Why is beauty authenticated to fair looks and a slim body? Who says a fat woman or dark-complexioned woman is ugly? If she is dark, this means that she has a greater amount of melanin pigments. And if she is fat, then it means she has more reserves of adipose cells. However, these factors may be tackled, but, apparently, your narrow-minded thinking can never be sorted out. Yet, some issues hindering women empowerment are mentioned here.

Dress up

Women love looking beautiful. Yes! They wear clothes in which they are comfortable and many a times, their dresses depend upon their mood or theme. And Yes! they put on makeup. This is just because her appearance gives her confidence to stand erect. However, if you think their dress to be sexy and their appearance to be a sign of seduction, then make it transparent, ‘You are living in a fantasy’. You need to get some jobs and mind your business.

Outspoken and Frank nature

We, the girl, are also humans and we behave likewise. Then, why do any woman’s outspoken and frank behaviour develop the thinking in your mind that she has a soft corner for you. Can’t you be easy and casual with her like your male friends. Is it really that difficult?

Being a woman myself, I have some questions

  • Why are we bound to society rules and regulations?
  • Why aren’t we allowed to question anything?
  • Why do we always have to strive hard to prove our worth?
  • Why do we need to scream that women empowerment should be encouraged?
  • Why do we need to give justification all the time?
  • And, who, on Earth, gives you the right to judge us by our appearance?

And there are endless various other questions that need to be answered. Don’t you think, it’s high time to change the way you think. However, this change and building a strong platform for women empowerment can only be brought if we, the women, start to appreciate each other. Rather than introducing negativity and getting jealous from another woman’s success, try to applaud her and set the woman around you free to set an example. Only then, a women community will gain liberty and eventually it helps to enhance a country’s economy.