Couple photography to celebrate relationship and the best moments.

Couple photography to celebrate being in relationship and the best moments.

How beautiful it is to recall your lovely, cozy, romantic days. We try to imprint that love forever only for you.

The love tree will grow green if you nurture it with water of love. Take time from your busy schedule for the love. Remember when you are old age, you are not going to remember the number of days you have worked, how much money you have earned, but the best cozy beautiful and fun moments spent with your loved ones will flaunt in front of your eyes. An ideal couple is made not by him or by her alone but by them together. You can plan a surprise shoot for your partner to make him or her special.

Never stop making memories with them. Come together for the shoot for couples portraits and photography sessions.


Couple Photography

Offering Creative & Unique Couple & Family Portraits Photography Services.

If you are madly in love or infatuated and wanted to keep this moment alive, Come and experience the couple portraits shoots with The Glirl, we don’t only click pictures but we help you to capture the real romantic moments.

When you walk into The Glirl home studio, you will understand how a Photo Studio is supposed to work. With experienced photographers and pleasant staff and a state of the art Photography studio, your family photography session will be one to remember. When the Words “Photo” “Studio” “Best” and “Bangalore” comes to mind, you will only think of.

Come and have your Matrimony portraits captured by our Professional Photographers. A basic package photo session with our internationally trained photographers at our state of the art equipped home photo studio in Bangalore will be provided for the first timers.