The targeted visitors are driven by news and stories. Take the example of Tesla Motors. Their electric car maker has created a buzz using the stories in the car industries that helped them to drive millions of readers from all around the world and eventually get converted into a customer.

Alibaba is one of the examples in the eCommerce firm that started its business as a small China-based eCommerce website. However, in the early stage, the company was not popular. Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba begin spreading the stories about their startup. As a result, the news and stories of the Alibaba reached globally. Various TV channels, mainstream media, and even the user of online platforms started talking about companies’ growth. 

It shows that the stories have the power to touch millions of hearts. Every business possesses some sort of story. You simply have to write these stories on the paper and use it to get loyal customers. People love to know how you get into this business and why you decided to start the venture. Spreading the word on the internet-based platform, social media, and news portal would move your business upward.

How And What Theglirl Offer To Support Businesses To Grow?

  1. Our expertise lies in our skill to write motivating stories. We listen to you and use your real-life story to produce great content. We do come up with the liner draft with key points about your business. We research to authenticate the facts, understand your working process, and production house. Most importantly, we focus on the value you generate to your customers. The product or services you offer to your customers should be presented in a way that people who view your product first time, should find it extraordinary. 

  2. Business news and regular PR activities assure consistent buzz in the industry. Today the online world is dominated by news articles. People spend their time reading the latest news. Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram are all run by the news content. We inject your content every few hours to keep your customer aware of your brand. 

  3. We generate brand visibility in the niche audience to make your product reachable to the right audience. We intend to put the content in front of the decision-maker. Once the buyer has sufficient information, they become comfortable and reach you to get more knowledge about the product and pricing.

  4. All marketing activities are designed to keep the end goal in mind. The content, stories, social media post, PR promotion, and press releases all are precisely crafted and promoted with the systematic approach. The marketing calendar will be set, so that you also aware of the deadline as well as the exposure we are planning to get for your brand.

  5. The multiphase strategy will be used to publish content. This enables us to spread the content in multiple phases instead of deploying everything in one go. We will assure that every moment the readers have something to read or skim. The brand awareness campaign will be a plan in a way that the targeted audience receives the content periodically so your brand becomes well known to them over the period, and they remember it.

To know more about our business news and promotion package, please get in touch with us. We will help you with the specialized package design to fit your brand.

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