Best Indian Apps Are Replacing Chinese Apps

Best Indian Apps Are Replacing Chinese Apps

The rising concerns of data on Chinese Servers and their misuse have become one of the major concerns for our security.

Hence, the decision of the Indian Government of banning 59 Chinese apps is indeed a phase of adapting ‘a new normal change’ for us.

Considering the same, our government has made some great plans by launching the alternates for us to ensure that we don’t miss our favorite platforms.

Moreover, the usage of substitute application is not just a great strategy to ensure our data security but even it will empower our nation’s creativity and talent as well by providing huge opportunity to bring up the best for citizens of the country,

India is known for its technical brains and it gives an opportunity to the IT industry to make, create and market Indian versions of banned apps.

So, let us support the decision of our government and find alternatives to these once highly used apps so that we can still enjoy the technology and being vocal for local

Here we are with alternatives available:


It was one of the most popular platforms to showcase your talent and used by approximately 81 million users in India. As the outcome of banning the Chinese app, the unavailability of Tik Tok on play store has given a major setback to most of the population of the country. 

However, there is nothing in the world that doesn’t have a solution. Thus, here are with the list of amazing Alternatives for you:

•           ‘ShareChat’ is an Indian alternative to Tiktok with a social video stage which allows the users to make and share videos. There are over 100 million downloads of ShareChat.

•           Chingari, another Indian alternative to Tiktok has attracted significant footing in the past few days with monetization options for content creators and it supports multiple Indian languages.

•           Triller, on Google Play Store, is an interesting option with filters and many features. 

UC Browser:

UC browser enjoyed 10% of the available browsers and Alibaba group of China owns it.


•           Epic browser made by Bengaluru based company with inbuilt antivirus protection and Jio browser can be used for fast access are Indian Alternatives to UC browser.

•           Google Chrome, Firefox, and Brave are also alternatives to UC Browser.


Another popular Chinese App


•           ShareAll is an Indian app with file transfer features between phones.  It has no limit to file size and has high-speed sharing.

•           Files by Google and are other alternatives.


Used for most of the office virtual meetings. However, the latest researches have already revealed the security issues of using the app.

Hence, the following alternative is already in use by most of the organizations as well:

•           Indian alternative to this is Jio Meet and Say Namaste.

•           Google Meet and Cisco WebEx are other options.

Cam scanner

Has proved to a user-friendly app for scanning the documents quickly for a lot of us, however, the security of the documents is the priority and Cam Scanner couldn’t promise that.

So, here are the best options for you already available:

•           Kaagaz Scanner, an Indian app offers three scanning modes that can detect page edges while scanning multiple pages at a time.

•           Note bloc is an alternative with an option to scan and send documents like PDFS and JPEGs.

Beauty Plus / YouCam:

This Chinese app was used by more than 300 million users which enables users to enjoy their perfect selfies.

However, keeping in mind the security of your picture, it will be a great idea to use the following alternatives that are able to provide similar and secured features:

•           The best Indian alternative to this is Indian Selfie Camera.

•           B612 is another alternative to Beauty Plus.

In addition to the above list, we have also created a list of replacements instantly available for you:

Chinese AppOther Alternative
DU RecorderAZ Screen Recorder
DU PrivacySolid File Explorer
Baidu TranslateGoogle Translate
QQ MusicYouTube Music, Spotify
QQ NewsFeedGoogle News
VivaVideoPhoto Video Maker, FilmoraGo
Es File ExplorerSolid File Explorer
Mi Video CallingGoogle Duo, Skype
Parallel SpaceBuilt-in to phones, Dual Apps


With the availability of the amazing Indian apps as an alternate of chines apps, the government has taken care of the sentiments of citizens already. Let us change our choices and be the change we want to see in the world.

Hope to see the change in the world for good. We will get back to you with more updates on alternatives to the Chinese App.

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