Bengaluru Indiranagar Gets Its First Ever Robot Themed Restaurant

Robot themed restaurant in Bangalore

If you are a science student and wish to learn about the robots then this restaurant in Indiranagar, Bengaluru is the right place for you. Yes, you read this right. Bengaluru just got its first robot restaurant that turns out to feature all the Indo cuisine and the robots serving food to the customers.

This is a restaurant that is located at 100 ft road, Indiranagar having the capacity to accommodate more than 50 dinners at a time. With a team of six robots, 1 usher and 5 bears, the restaurant has been designed in such a manner that there is some extra space between the aisles so as to provide enough space for the robots to come and navigate.

So how do you have to order your food here? Each and every table has a digital tablet that the customers need to use and operate, choose the dish from the menu and then have your order placed. Once your food is ready the kitchen then assigns the robot to have the food being delivered to the customers right away.

Robot themed restaurant in Bangalore

Picture Credit: The Economic Times

Referring to the developmental process, the founder of the restaurant Venkatesh Rajendran said, that these are robots that have been designed to greet the visitors at the entrance, and then guide them towards their tables. They are also equipped with facial recognition technology. Further more the robots have also been designed in such a manner that it will sing a birthday song for you.

Also to add up further on the futuristic experience the guests will then be served starters and soups in the mini trains chugging on the mini tracks.

News Source: The Economic Times