Are you meeting someone? Is it by co-incidence or cosmic connection?

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The Glirl, Premium luxury fashion & lifestyle blog - Zara, Mango, H&M, Forever 21

Is it by co-incidence or cosmic connection that you met or meeting someone? You met someone at the coffee shop, library or club, exchanged a look and you then can’t take them off your memory for the next few days. Ever happened to you? Surely everyone have such experiences. Life is filled with inexplicable events taking place. You encounter unexpected people and fail to decipher the reason behind their presence in your life. Most of the time you shrug it off by naming it as coincidence.

Think again, was it a mere coincidence? Well no, meeting someone is not a mere chance, it’s all destined. The cosmic connection is the right term. Every person you meet has a role to play in your life. Some will stay, some will teach you a lesson and some will stay with you forever. Meeting someone is destiny and it happens for a reason. These reasons, however, differ:

  1. Reason to help you grow:

These are your mentors. May it be your boss, your new found friend or a teacher. They guide you on the right path. They may fight with you, challenge you or even leave you alone for some time. But, with all that you move ahead more strongly and independently. They mould your perception towards life in a better way. They help you learn things which you probably would have never understood on your own. They don’t simply help you grow, they help you grow beautifully.

  1. Reason to make your goals clearer:

There comes a point in your life when you deviate from your goals. You get attracted towards the ‘background noise’ and lose your focus from the center. Herein, you encounter someone who reminds you of your plans. They may be some random hard-working colleague in the office or an unknown writer who motivates you to work towards your goals. They just simply make the future picture clearer which might have got blurred at that time. They remind you of our life goals and bring back your life towards the right direction.

  1. Reason to make you realize how strong you are:

Best lessons of the life come from poorest of experiences. People enter your life, stay there and make a significant space for themselves. However, they aren’t meant to be with you forever. They leave you and you break down. But you get up and grow more strongly. They teach you the value of yourself, which you may not have released prior to meeting them. While you were with them, you became dependent on them. It is only after their absence you struggle to live alone, and then become happy with your own self. They come and go, just to make you realize how sufficient you are for yourself.

  1. Reason to be your aid and abet:

During the saddest phase of life, you may be surrounded by your friends, family and other close ones. But, sometimes, no one is able to help you through the difficult time. They support you, but the much-required motivation remains missing. Enter the help sent by destiny. They may be in form of your favorite writer, your mentor or a random speaker. They teach you that one lesson of life to make you fight your problems with strength and determination. They become your helping hand to pull you out of your miseries.

  1. Reason to be with you forever:

Best matches are found in the most unexpected ways. Your twin-flames or your soulmates, they enter your life, to change it rather beautify it. The unforgettable eye contact is evident of the ever-lasting impact they will have in your life. You may not recognize them instantly. But, with the passing time, the love will eventually find its way. They will fill all the empty spaces in your life. They are simply meant to stay, forever.

On the last note, remember, everything and everyone has a reason to enter your life. You may not recognize it instantly but would understand it later. You cannot run away from that either as it’s all written or meant to happen. Just try to find the positive outlook of whatever happens to you. Trust me, life will become much simpler.